What is MoreSun®?

MoreSun® by CSD Nano, is the world’s first and only solar coating that can be applied in the field to operational solar panels, increasing efficiency by reducing reflection losses. Our testing has verified up to 4% more power in average to solar PV plant generation.

How Does This Technology Benefit PV Plant Owners?

The MoreSun® anti-reflective coating reduces the severity of reflections by providing a more gradual increase in the index of refraction transitioning from air to glass. This results in up to 90% reduction in reflected light. The technology increases output and thus profitability for solar PV plants.

The benefits of this technology include:

  • Adds up 4% more power in average to solar PV plant generation
  • Patented sun-curable low cost sol-gel solution
  • Anti-soiling – reduces effects of dust and soil on energy generation
  • Semi-automated installation process
  • Reduces “lake effect” reflections to protect wild life
What are the results of the MoreSun® testing by Alectris?

PowerIncrease_data_chartAlectris has conducted long term and sustained testing of the MoreSun® technology since May 2015.

Ground mount solar PV sites in Greece and Italy have been the focus of these efforts:

  • 100kW -Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2015, 3.5% production increase to date
  • 500kW – Foggia, Italy, August 2015, 3.3% production increase to date

Case study tests results are available upon request from Antonio Bilella, Alectris Innovation & Project Manager.

What Kinds of Solar PV Projects can MoreSun® Optimize?

MoreSun® can be installed on existing ground and rooftop solar PV installations. Certain restrictions apply.  Contact our team for more information.

How is it Installed?

MoreSun® is installed via a semi-automated process to clean the panels and affix the coating at an average of one minute per panel. After the panel is cleaned, the MoreSun® anti-reflective coating is applied in a thin uniform layer using a hand held motorized roller. Solar energy then cures the compound to form a durable anti-reflective nano-crystalline layer on the surface of the solar panel.

MoreSun-applicatorWhere is it Available?

Currently Alectris installs, tests and monitors this product in Italy, Greece, Europe, Japan, India and Jordan.  Contact Antonio Bilella, Alectris Innovation & Project Manager for more details and for information about the schedule for additional countries.

What is the Warranty?

10 years on MoreSun® solar coating and performance.

Does it Affect Peak Power?

MoreSun® does not affect peak power generation.

How Does MoreSun® Save Wildlife?

The MoreSun® coating has been documented to reduce the amount of reflected polarized light from panels compared to the amount naturally reflected by the ground.  This will allow birds to fly over solar arrays without confusing them with lakes or other bodies of water.

MoreSun® Vs Conventional AR Coating

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