Solar Operations and maintenance


Solar power installations are extremely reliable. Still, with an average life span of nearly three decades, solar assets must be well maintained and managed to deliver their expected return on investment.

If not well maintained and managed, solar PV plants can experience a host of operational challenges. These include missed production, low return on investment and lack of control.

Solar monitoring


With experience managing global solar PV assets, Alectris has developed a holistic approach to the care of today’s clean energy portfolios. Solar asset owners, operators and investors now have one source for operations and maintenance, technical asset management, oversight of O&M providers, contract and warranty management and financial control.

As solar portfolios grow larger with more dispersed assets, fleet-level monitoring is emerging to fulfil complex resource requirements.

Solar monitoring is evolving from specific subsystem monitoring, energy output from solar panels as an example, into Solar Enterprise Resource Planning (Solar ERP) systems for fleet-level management. This approach mimics holistic systems seen in corporate settings to integrate technical data arising individually out of the systems into a broader picture of operations and all the data subsets involved with a given solar asset.

Solar ERP

A Solar ERP readily provides insight into all operational, technical and reporting (warranty, insurance, financial reporting including investor statements) aspects of each individual asset. Specific assets should then be aggregated up into portfolio reporting, quite handy for such financial innovations as YieldCo’s.

Solar ERP modules provide the best possible insights into the PV asset operations through:

  • World class monitoring system
  • Service management
  • Asset management
  • Integrated management of multiple and geographically distributed PV plants
  • Extensive and customizable reporting capabilities

Alectris has developed an award-winning Solar Enterprise Resource Planning (Solar ERP) Platform called ACTIS which provides reporting from dispersed solar assets to integrate industry prevalent solar monitoring with added operations and maintenance and asset management functionality.

One source for integrated solar asset care reduces internal management time, creates management efficiencies and delivers stronger profit performance by your solar portfolio.