“We are very pleased to work with Alectris, known for its professionalism and comprehensive approach towards asset care innovation. We are excited to explore the features of Alectris’ digital solution: ACTIS platform. Robust operational control of our solar assets is key to Mytrah continuing to rank as one of India’s leading renewable independent power producers. The ACTIS platform of Alectris helps us achieve this objective.“

Vikram Kailas, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mytrah

“The ACTIS platform has created a foundation for our entire Asset Management Business that enables us to focus on the health of the asset both physically and financially and in real-time. I have been highly impressed with their ability to support and implement the customization we have requested over the last two years. They are transparent on the timeline of all customizations and meet their commitments. Nautilus is scaling at a rate that could only be successful with the help of ACTIS.”

Stefanie Padgett, VP Asset Management, Nautilus Solar Solutions

“Whereas most service providers claim they will operate the PV facility like their own plant, Alectris has included a contractual guarantee that the site will perform as designed. It is refreshing to work with an O&M provider who is pro-active in the industry, providing good service backed up with their performance guarantees.”

Ken Kostok, Director of Engineering and O&M, Hanwha Q CELLS USA Corp.

Rete Rinnovabile (RTR) is comfortably Italy’s largest solar power generator from photovoltaic (PV) panels. Our approach to the market is a utility model, demanding efficient, high-performance standards throughout our solar portfolio. One of our systems, an 850 KWp biaxial tracker plant in Lazio, was suffering from severe underperformance due in large part to tracking equipment and tracking control system failures.

In our search for a specialized partner to address this biaxial system, we found Alectris. The company had a very successful track record in resurrecting underperforming PV plants, particularly those constructed with biaxial trackers, with 15 similar plants restored to date.

The intervention and system restoration performed by Alectris on our Lazio solar plant has completely restored the plant functionality including its tracker perfect synchronization. Additionally, we have employed the Alectris Solar ERP System ACTIS to properly manage this plant remotely.

We have found the Alectris team to be highly skilled, with deep solar PV expertise and very customer care oriented. We would strongly recommend Alectris as a reliable and expert PV service provider.”

Matteo Riccieri, Chief Operating Officer, Rete Rinnovabile

“Investors need O&M suppliers who care about their solar power plants as if they were their own. Alectris has demonstrated that level of care and ability to deliver sophisticated O&M services for the solar investor.”

Guy Vanderhaegen, CEO, Origis Energy

“We were exploring for the right solution to fix the existing control system of our 2 bi-axial trackers plants in the Marche Region of 1,5 MWp in total, that were not properly working creating severe underperformance of our plants. We acknowledge that the Alectris ACTIS solution enables us to properly manage remotely the biaxial trackers, with actual synchronization between the trackers movements, resulting in an impressive improvement in our plants performance. In addition, Alectris proved a great know how in bi-axial trackers and provided us with several valuable insights and technical recommendations with respect to mechanical issues of our plants. ”

Ran Fridrich, Ellomay Capital Limited

“A huge fire severely damaged our 1 MWp system located on an industrial building rooftop just north of Milan in Novate Milanese. The fire was not a result of any error in the photovoltaic plant site’s management. The extensive damage did require a complete makeover of the solar plant.

After an initial unsuccessful attempt with the existing O&M provider, we decided to assign the complete revamping of this damaged project to Alectris, our main O&M supplier. Alectris, based on strong performance on an initial PV portfolio of 5 MWp, was recently assigned the maintenance of an additional 14 plants in various Italian regions.

The activity conducted by Alectris to restore the damaged plant confirmed in all respects our expectations: the Alectris team intervened with efficiency, speed and quality. They completed the full restoration of the entire system in addition to correcting plant problems originating from the construction of the site.

It is important to emphasize that the implementation of this intervention by Alectris was conducted in compliance with the highest safety standards. The situation was critical, very complex and demanding as all activities had to be executed on a damaged roof.

Therefore, I can certainly recommend Alectris to anyone who needs not only a top-level O&M service provider, but also a partner able to maximize the performance of their photovoltaic assets.”

Orso Nicodano, Former CEO – Green Hunter S.P.A.

“I appointed Alectris to conduct the technical due diligence for a 4.2 MWp plant in Italy on the secondary market, where I needed a professional partner to quickly and completely assess this solar PV plant in the field. Alectris has proven to be the right partner, acting in a quick and accurate manner, and adding fundamental understanding related to the real value of the plant we were evaluating to acquire. Moreover Alectris gave me quick and substantial answers to questions which were normally out of their scope.”

Wolfram Misch, Technical Director, New Power Systems GmbH

“I have found Alectris to be a very reliable and affordable partner, extremely punctual and accurate and at the same time flexible towards my company needs. They bring a high level of professionalism to their team. Alectris assisted us in searching the best solutions to solve the various issues that from time to time we faced in our PV plant. This work was conducted with prompt intervention and several activities addressed to restore the PV plant to full functionality and performance. We are very satisfied with the achieved results. In addition we are experimenting in the field with very promising results several new innovative technologies proposed by Alectris. These have confirmed to be at the forefront of solar PV innovation.”

Caterina Ferrante, Amministratore Serit Lamezia Solare 1 S.r.l.

“Alectris immediately extensively analyzed our plants deficiencies and proposed us a valuable set of activities to improve our plant performances. Alectris also installed ACTIS, its proprietary evolved Solar ERP System, shining a light on our data and allowing us easy and immediate reporting.”

Valeria Scargetta, managing director, Green Hunter

“Finally, after several researches FIMER has found the perfect partner for our Greek and Romanian customers,”

Filippo Carzaniga, managing director, the FIMER Group

“Finally I am glad to say that I found a good and professional O&M contractor. I was extremely skeptical at the beginning due to a very bad previous experience. Alectris immediately took steps to improve the production of my PV plants following a rigorous analysis, and the benefits were notable, significant and durable. We have been working together for more than a year now and I am completely satisfied.”

Michele Romanin Jacur, General Manager, GRU.CO S.r.l.