Company History

The solar industry heritage of Alectris grew out of solar PV system design and construction starting in 2006. Over the past decade, the company has evolved to provide a sophisticated menu of solar PV operations, maintenance and asset management services and software serving clients worldwide.

Alliance with market partners has accelerated the company’s contribution to emerging markets. New technologies have allowed the company to enhance performance for existing solar panel plants.


Alectris Japan Ltd.


In March 2016, Alectris, a global solar asset care innovation firm, and Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd., a mega-solar and industrial solar power plant company, announced the formation of Alectris Japan Ltd., a joint venture in the fast-growing Asia renewable energy market, offering integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) operations, maintenance and asset management services.

By combining the best in class solar asset care services, software and expertise of Alectris with the proven local market expertise of Next Energy & Resources Co, the joint venture serve solar PV plant owners and operators in the region including global portfolio owners with assets in Japan. Japanese developers with assets in other countries also benefit from the global capabilities of the joint venture.


Emerging Solar Markets & New Technologies


Alectris’ innovations in solar asset care are impacting the industry in emerging solar markets and realizing increased performance from existing solar plants in more mature regions of the industry.

By aligning with regional solar companies, Alectris is bringing mature solar asset care service knowledge and software capabilities to increase solar bankability in new markets. These emerging solar markets include Asia, Middle East, India and Africa.

In more mature markets like Italy, Greece and others in Europe, the Alectris team has fostered an innovative approach to the development and deployment of technologies to serve owners and operators of existing solar plants. The technologies initiative is realizing increased performance in a growing portfolio of PV plants.


U.S. Solar Market Entry


Alectris made its U.S. market entry via a portfolio of solar PV plants in the Southeast. These plants for offtaker, Georgia Power, represent an initial market entry of 24 megawatts under Alectris management. The plants were developed by Origis Energy USA.

The company has continued to build its presence in the U.S. with plant contracts from leading solar companies and manufacturers. Team members participate in the development of best practices via working groups with such groups as SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association; the SunSpec Alliance, a U.S. based trade alliance and NREL, a joint Sandia National Labs/EPRI working group.

In addition to its U.S. based industry standards contributions, Alectris is a member of SolarPower Europe. Company managing director, Vassilis Papaeconomou serves as leader for SolarPower Europe’s solar O&M task force.

Alectris executive team members are frequently featured as speakers and panelists at industry trade events globally.


Launch of ACTIS, World’s First Solar ERP


The Alectris team quickly realized tracking solar PV portfolios via spreadsheets would become cumbersome and inefficient. The need was clearly for a one login platform to gather all monitoring data no matter the source and provide easy to manage and communicate customer reporting. To answer these company and market needs the Alectris IT department developed the world’s first Solar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform. The platform was named ACTIS for Asset Control Telemetry Information System.

ACTIS delivers an integrated platform of solar investor and plant owner benefits. Three core capabilities set this platform apart including: a world class monitoring system, service management and asset management modules. ACTIS has won several awards and is used globally to effectively manage solar PV plant portfolios.


Alectris Launched as Integrated Solar Operations, Maintenance and Asset Management Firm


Alectris initially grew out of an alliance between Advartia and Origis Energy, a solar developer based in Belgium. These two firms worked together to design, construct and manage solar plants in Greece.

The need for integrated solar PV operations, maintenance and asset management for the solar portfolio of the companies quickly revealed a market opportunity. Alectris was created, representing a forward-thinking enterprise to ensure solar PV plants realized optimum performance.


Roots in Solar Plant Construction


The collective solar knowledge of our team started in 2006. Alectris as it is today evolved out of a Greek-based solar photovoltaic (PV) engineering, construction and procurement (EPC) firm called the Advartia Energy Group.

Owned by the Papaeconomou group of companies, Advartia designed and built solar PV power plants in Crete, Kavala, Thebes, Katerini, Larisa, Rhodes, Kilkis and the Peloponnese in the early days of the European solar adoption.

Advartia projects were financed with project finance support from two of the largest banks in Greece. Projects ranged in size from 80 kWp to 1,8 MWp.