What is MoreSun®?

MoreSun® by Pellucere Technologies is the world’s first, the most advanced and market-ready solar coating that can be applied in the field to operational solar panels, increasing efficiency by reducing reflection losses (Anti-Reflective (AR). The application system adds as well the Anti-Soiling (AS) effect to the solar arrays to prevent the build-up of dirt and dust.

The world’s most advanced anti-reflective and anti-soiling solar coating

Alectris’ Coating Know-How

Alectris has a dedicated trained and high-skilled coating team for the field activities in Italy and Greece.

Coating activities are executed following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that provide guarantees and high-quality performances. Quality control procedures are carried out during the whole coating process with state-of-the-art measurement devices, such as a thin-film analyzer (i.e. spectrometer).


How does MoreSun® AR Coating exactly work?

MoreSun® AR coating creates a gradient Index of refraction between air and module glass, which contributes to lower reflection and higher sunlight absorption by the PV module. This results in a growth of power output.

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How does this technology benefit PV Plant Owners?

The MoreSun® anti-reflective coating reduces the severity of reflections by providing a more gradual increase in the index of refraction transitioning from air to glass. This results in up to a 90% reduction in reflected light. The technology increases output and thus profitability for solar PV plants.

The benefits of this technology include:

  • Adds up to 4.7 % more power on average to solar PV plant generation.
  • In off-axis and diffused light, it also captures a great amount of solar energy.
  • Low-temperature fast-cure – it can be applied to retrofit solar arrays (plastic, glass etc.) in the field or in the factory.
  • Patented application system – MoreSun® can be implemented with maximum transfer efficiency and minimal waste.
  • Reduces “lake effect” reflections to protect wildlife.
  • Industry Leading Anti-soiling using Talus DRT™ technology – it reduces negative effects of dust and soil on energy generation.
  • Decreases about 50% – 70% frequency for the modules washes per year.
  • Has semi-automated installation process.
  • Robustly formulated – it was engineered for strength and durability to survive even the harshest environmental conditions.

Outstanding performance and research results

Independent lab tests, extensive field testing and experiences with partners have demonstrated excellent MoreSun® outcomes.

1. Anti-Reflective performance

Alectris is conducting long term testing of the MoreSun® technology in following sites:

  • 100 kW – Thessaloniki, Greece,
  • 2 MW – Foggia, Italy,
  • 8 MW – South of Italy.

Pellucere Technologies’ additional field tests carried out in different locations of Italy, Germany and the UK in 2017/2018 showed an energy increase in the range of 3.4%-4.9%.

2. DRT™ technology

The module has been coated with MoreSun® on both outside edges, leaving the center uncovered. A stream of dirt and dust was blown over the module to demonstrate that the MoreSun® product rejects up to 90 % of the dirt and dust.

3. Durability

MoreSun® was extensively tested to ensure it will perform even in the most demanding circumstances.

  • performs 3 times better on the HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) than the leading competitor,
  • has 20 times more Cycles in the Wet Scrub Test than the leading competitor,
  • 10 times more Cycles in the Thermal Cycling (Freeze-Thaw) Test than the leading competitor,
  • has double times more hours resistance in Damp Heat Testing than the competition, and does not degrade at all,
  • ensures durability in sandstorms,
  • has 84% less Haze in Sand Drop Test than the leading competitor,
  • after 250 hours of UV, testing shows no degradation.

How is MoreSun® Installed?

MoreSun® coatings are applied using a family of innovative, patented deposition systems developed by Pellucere Technologies™ that ensure the solution is applied at the optimal rate. The micro-channel, meniscus-drag applicators adjust flow rate to account for ambient conditions, maximize transfer efficiency, and ensure a highly uniform thickness for optimal AR performance.

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The final result of the MoreSun® application creates a unique silica structure on the glass surface with a thickness of only 140 nm.