Optimization technologies promise solar owners and operators increased profitability from their existing PV plants.

Alectris has created a strict selection and testing procedure to ensure best-in-class optimization products fulfill performance promises.

By working with Alectris, solar PV owners also receive the added assurance of a process backed by our seasoned solar operations and maintenance team. All testing is inclusive of analytical reporting from the world’s first Solar ERP, ACTIS and include implementation recommendations.

Our structured process adds field results to the test data of the inventors. Once we are satisfied a particular technology fulfills the performance envisioned, we work to increase the market adoption of the technologies.

Increasing the energy production and performance of the installed solar capacity in our clients’ portfolios is a compelling vision. However, the scope of when and where these technologies can be installed by our team is subject at present to the confines of our strict testing process.

Market Promise
We carefully select the best solutions to bring them fully vetted to the international market of large PV systems.  The goal is to address and resolve performance problems including return expectations, regulatory compliance, financial covenants and constraints, O&M issues, and clear measurements of the over performance thus limiting the risks for participating customers.

Technologies Screening Process
We have created a standard procedure for screening optimization technologies. Potential technologies for testing must meet a set of minimum requirements including:

  • Investor return expectations
  • Regulatory compliancy
  • Financial covenants and constraints
  • Warranties on equipment in place
  • Technical characteristics of the plants
  • Local environmental peculiarities (dusty areas, northern countries, high temperature, etc.)
  • O&M proper execution
  • Clear measurement of the over performances

Technologies Testing Phases

Once a technology has cleared initial screening hurdles our team implements a set of installation and testing procedures.  Sites for testing must have the Alectris solar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software tool installed to benchmark and measure increases in energy output and performance.

The phases of this process include the following and are subject to our continual improvement process:

Technologies testing phasesCurrent Technologies
Technologies have been under testing evaluation by the Alectris team since May 2015. Results from MoreSun®, an anti-reflective coating that can be applied in the field, are now available.

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