New Revampings, Repowerings and EPCs

July 03, 2023


Alectris takes on New Revampings, Repowerings and EPCs  

Renewable energy has been a rapidly growing sector in recent years and with this growth, the need for efficient and cost-effective maintenance of these assets has become critical. 

Alectris provides a comprehensive maintenance solution to owners and operators of solar PV assets through their repowering and revamping services: two important methods aimed at increasing the performance and energy yield of existing solar plants. 

While EPC refers to the construction of new energy facilities, revamping involves significant modifications or upgrades to an existing facility, and repowering entails replacing or upgrading the power generation equipment in an existing facility while utilizing the existing infrastructure. 


Revampings: An Additional 6 Projects for Alectris 

In addition to the 14 major revampings completed in the first half of 2023, Alectris is announcing it has been selected by several major leaders in the Solar PV sector to complete an additional 4 revamping and repowering projects that range in size from 1MW to 9 MW. 

Alectris has already surpassed its goal by completing an equal number of revamping and repowering projects in the first half of 2023 as it did throughout the entirety of 2022. Furthermore, the company anticipates a minimum 50% increase in its revamping and repowering projects for this year. 


Revamping and Repowering as a Service 

The services include an initial project analysis and recommendations, maintenance and technological upgrades, and the deployment of retrofit technologies to increase energy performance. 

Specifically, this can include partial or complete replacement of modules or inverters, adjustments to supporting structures or electrical configurations, and replacing or upgrading balance of system (BOS) components.  

Another option is to add retrofit technologies, such as retrofit coating or new software platforms, to enhance energy performance. 

The upgrades may include the installation of energy storage systems, substitution of fixed structures with 1 axis trackers, inverter regeneration, and the deployment of ACTIS ERP software for full control and enhanced performance of the site. 


EPCs: Gaining Momentum With 4 New EPCs 

In addition to new revamping and repowering projects, Alectris has also finalized the contracts for 6 new EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) projects. The EPC market in Italy has continued to gain momentum, and as such, Alectris’ services have been even more in demand. 

As Italy continues to invest in infrastructure development, revamping, repowering and EPC projects are expected to remain a key contributor to the country’s economic growth. Alectris is ready to meet that demand!