ACTIS World’s First Solar ERP June 2018 Update

June 19, 2018

June 2018 ACTIS World's First Solar ERP _ AlectrisACTIS users have many options when it comes to creating, assigning and escalating Action Items.

Customizable:  An Action Item creates peace of mind for users of ACTIS including Asset Managers.  Items can be configured to remind users of important actions related to contracts or any other entity in ACTIS.  Examples would also include warranty and insurance renewals. Action Items are fully customizable to reflect the needs of a portfolio no matter how large or dispersed.

Assignable: Action Items can be assigned to teams, individual team members and any grouping the user needs.  Tasks are then visible in the user’s dashboard in ACTIS and can appear in their Outlook task list.

Escalating:  The ACTIS Action Items functionality is your insurance no task is missed.  They contain escalation workflow.  Even if a team member misses a task, other team members or the manager can be notified to take action. This ensures no important task or deadline is missed. SolarPower Europe launches the world’s first Solar O&M Best Practices Mark | Alectris among first companies to be certified 19 June 2018 at Intersolar Europe, SolarPower Europe launched the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark, a self-certification-based label to promote transparency and excellence in the Operation and Maintenance sector.

Vassilis Papaeconomou, managing director for Alectris and past SolarPower Europe O&M Task Force leader said, “I cannot think of a better way for an O&M Contractor to demonstrate their professionalism and level of qualify of services other than applying and registering for the O&M Services Mark.” ACTIS Named a Top Solar Brand in Asia ACTIS, World’s First Solar ERP, named one of Asia’s Top Solar Brands by SolarQuarter Research. SolarQuarter recognizes the achievements and meaningful contributions of solar brands that help drive the solar industry forward and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society.