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State of the Art Monitoring and Alerting Capabilities

The simple energy output and alert monitoring of yesterday is no longer enough in the high stakes world of solar 2.0.

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Keep Your Crew Dispatching and Reporting Under Control

Scaling the operations and maintenance of dispersed solar assets into streamlined efficiency requires the evolution of yesterday’s spreadsheet based reporting to a solar service management platform.

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Predict and Compare Actual Financial Data with Your Budget

Incongruences between solar operations and maintenance and asset management platforms is solved with the fully integrated ACTIS Solar ERP.

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Create Meaningful Reports with Data Across all ACTIS Modules

Solar PV owners and operators can realize significant cost savings, reporting ease and data transparency with the reporting robustness of the fully integrated Solar ERP, ACTIS.

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The Evolution of Localized Solar Management to Cloud Based Availability

All the parameters of localized solar operations and maintenance, asset management and reporting are available to owner, operators and investors with the cloud availability of ACTIS.

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Check out the Growing Library of ACTIS How-to Videos!

Our library of how-to videos gives you a glimpse into the solar operations, maintenance and management functions of ACTIS. ACTIS is the world’s first Solar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software platform, whose performance viability is proven in hundreds of solar assets worldwide.

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