Energy Storage World Forum 2018

May 02, 2018

Anastasios Agathaggelou, O&M Manager of Greece for Alectris, will attend the Energy Storage World Forum 2018, 14-18 May 2018 to be held in Berlin, Germany.

In his company role Anastasios (Tasos) is responsible for the monitoring of solar photovoltaic plants in the country and client assets worldwide. He works in cooperation with the Alectris IT department to support the development of the company’s solar ERP software,  ACTIS.  His attendance at the forum is to bolster the company’s integration of energy storage into ACTIS.

“Recognizing the global trend of combining storage technology with solar, Alectris is investing in developing internal skills to support the boom of energy storage. We have defined a core team to develop the competencies of the company and lead our evolution to providing services for storage plants worldwide,” explained Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director of Alectris. “We are enhancing ACTIS, our Solar ERP, to support the monitoring, control and operations of solar plus storage and standalone energy storage plants. Shortly, we will be able to offer our clients superior support for their storage needs either with our services or our software.”

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