EV Charger Service Partner

Service Partner Scenarios



Alectris technicians are certified in all steps and checks in the commissioning process: installation, electrical testing, network connectivity, safety checks and performance and functionality testing.

Network Coverage

Alectris technicians are active in the UK, with a base in the Midlands; throughout Italy, with two warehouse facilities covering both the Northern and Southern Italian territories and an office headquarters in Milan, as well as in mainland Greece with a headquarters in Thessaloniki.

Corrective Maintenance

In case of urgent requests or problems with the chargers, Alectris technicians are certified to respond to the issue.

Response Time

Our response time for PV issues can range from 3 hours to 5 working days depending on the urgency of the intervention.

Our Digital Ecosystem

Alectris technicians and the rest of the company currently work fully on ACTIS ERP, enabling our team to provide high-end services, with real-time reporting visibility from the field by completing work orders directly on their mobile devices with checklists and photographic evidence, as required.

We bring together our digital know-how and extensive experience in O&M and Asset Management to offer customized services that align with your requirements as an EV Charger service partner.