“In our search for a specialized partner to address this biaxial system, we found Alectris. The company had a very successful track record in resurrecting underperforming PV plants, particularly those constructed with biaxial trackers, with 15 similar plants restored to date.

The intervention and system restoration performed by Alectris on our Lazio solar plant has completely restored the plant functionality including its tracker perfect synchronization. Additionally, we have employed the Alectris Solar ERP System ACTIS to properly manage this plant remotely.

We have found the Alectris team to be highly skilled, with deep solar PV expertise and very customer care oriented. We would strongly recommend Alectris as a reliable and expert PV service provider.”

– Matteo Riccieri, Chief Operating Officer, Rete Rinnovabile

The Alectris team serves plant owners and operators with solar PV asset repowering and revamping services.

Repowering solar plants is designed to increase the performance and the energy yield of the plant. Solar PV plant repowering is applied to existing plants and can be utilized for extending the life of new plants at the end of their initial design life, projected at about 20 to 25 years.

Revamping applies to distressed PV plants, those underperforming to their original specifications.

In both cases, Alectris has earned a reputation of being centered on customer care, bringing extensive solar experience to realize high performing solar assets.

A Look at Representative Results for Revamping Services – Biaxial Tracker Plants

Alectris has developed a specialization in correcting distressed biaxial ground mount tracking systems.  Biaxial solar photovoltaic (PV) trackers are technically complex and more difficult to operate and maintain than fixed tracker plants.

Alectris Client Biaxial Tracker System Misaligned

Biaxial tracker system before Alectris revamping services in which trackers are misaligned.

Biaxial solar plants can face several serious issues affecting their operation and thus not perform according to the client’s expectations:

  • Severely misaligned trackers
  • Mechanical problems causing continuous breakdowns
  • Control software not designed and implemented to ensure optimum sun tracking
  • Lack of monitoring leading to substantial downtime as checks on operation had to performed manually through site visits

Typically, the Alectris team will diagnose, propose solutions and then engineer and implement the solutions to transform underperforming, distressed plants into sites optimized for performance output through safety control, achievement of full manageability and integration into our proprietary Solar ERP – ACTIS ERP software.

Alectris will study and propose an action plan generally along the following parameters:

  • An intermediate solution to keep the trackers running at the maximum of their capabilities
  • While studying in detail the deficiencies of the construction and control software in order to keep the maximum possible of the existing hardware to minimize costs

Consistently the Alectris team is able to revamp biaxial tracker plants and create strong results including:

  • Alectris Client Biaxial Tracker System Now Perfectly Aligned

    Biaxial tracking system now perfectly synchronized and aligned after Alectris diagnostic and revamping services.

    Additional generated energy up to 20-25% even during the winter period

  • Implementation of the tested solution within short deployment schedules
  • Estimated payback period of the intervention within 60 days, even during winter days
  • Proper control and monitoring by integrating the tracker control system software into the Alectris proprietary PV management software, ACTIS ERP, thus ensuring future problems are immediately identified and cured

Below are two graphs demonstrating results using azimuth and tilt specifications.  The revamped tracker system is now more than 99% of the time perfectly synchronized with the sun movements.  The 1% outstanding is an error around 2°, due to encoders and absolutely insignificant regarding plant production.

Alectris Solar PV Plant Repowering and Revamping Services

Solar plant repowering and revamping services are tailored to the needs of the solar asset owner/operator. Alectris has a demonstrated track record in restoring and exceeding plant energy generation using typically these services:

  • Initial project analysis and recommendations
  • Significant maintenance and technological upgrading, which may include, but is not limited to:
    • Review and correction of displaced photovoltaic modules
    • Replacement, removal and reinstallation of the main components including modules and inverters
    • Eventual modification of the distribution system in the energy/ grid network
    • Eventual changing the system connection point to the grid network
  • Maintenance and technological upgrading to balance of system components can typically include:
    • Correction to displacement of inverters and smaller electrical components
    • Replacement, removal or re-installation of smaller electrical components if the operation does not cause changes in the distribution system in the power grid produced by the plant
    • Corrections to supporting structures of the modules or building structures on which the plant has been installed
    • Corrections to the electrical configuration of the plant: installation of regenerator, optimizer or similar new devices or reshuffle of the plant electrical set up.
  • Upgrades to the existing solar plant can typically include:

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