Photo: Alectris control room facility in Greece

Transform Solar PV O&M Costs into Profits
It is no accident solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services have received heightened attention from the worldwide solar community. Ensuring solar energy performance and profitability is critical from the micro level of company specific portfolios to the macro reality of YieldCo’s and solar securitization. Reducing both perceived and actual risk is paramount to the growing solar market.

Operations and maintenance service providers who offer a holistic approach to PV solar operations, maintenance, monitoring and management irrespective of plant location are positioned to offer the most value in the current solar market reality. Alectris is such a company. It is solar O&M redefined for today’s sophisticated solar market and delivers profitability instead of cost.



Alectris Solar PV Operations and Maintenance Services
O&M services are tailored to the needs of the solar asset owner/operator. Alectris is skilled in and offers comprehensive O&M services including:

  • Continues plant monitoring and maintenance
  • Technical and engineering support
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Performance and availability guarantees
  • Continuous improvement methodology

ACTIS ERP software – The Evolution beyond Basic Monitoring
In addition to its full range of solar O&M capabilities, Alectris has developed a proprietary, award-winning software platform called ACTIS ERP software. ACTIS is the world’s first Solar Enterprise Resource Planning Platform or Solar ERP, an evolution beyond standard monitoring to holistic data for preventative and real-time asset management reporting.

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