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Today’s Solar Monitoring Challenge
More solar plants, dispersed in more locations with a variety of incongruent original plant monitoring systems compound the complexity of performance reporting solar owners and operators face today. The internal cost to standardize parameters across multiple solar assets has become a formidable data and reporting task.

The Evolution of Fleet Monitoring to Solar Management Platforms
The simple energy output and alert monitoring of yesterday is no longer enough in the high stakes world of solar 2.0. Today’s solar industrial investments must rely on the next generation of evolved and fully integrated business management software, or Enterprise Resource Planning to:

  • Facilitate information flow between all the business functions
  • Share data across various locations
  • Manage connections to all the outside stakeholders streamlining processes keeping transparency across the whole chain

ACTIS, the World’s First Solar ERP
Out of extensive European market solar development experience, Alectris created ACTIS, the award winning Solar Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (Solar ERP). ACTIS is not the simple monitoring of daily energy production, but the supervision of a series of parameters which guarantee solar plant optimum performance. ACTIS is real time monitoring of more than 70 parameters on each individual solar asset aggregated over a solar portfolio, no matter where the assets are located. ACTIS is currently used in hundreds of plants worldwide.

ACTIS World Class Monitoring System Main Features

  • Full alerting and alert handling capabilities with configuration down to the individual string level and seasonal alerts
  • Monitoring of all devices (trackers, inverters, UPS, meters, feeder protectors, strings, temperatures irradiation etc.)
  • Data collection of wide range of parameters of the equipment operation including their internal logs
  • Monitoring of communication network quality
  • Monitoring of security system
  • Over 35 different customizable charts for analyzing technical and financial data
  • Evaluation through Data Comparison
  • Dashboards with true real-time information on the operation of the plant and portfolio

ACTIS Monitoring User Benefits

  • 24×7 monitoring of the plant operational data and constant supervision of all electromechanical equipment & security systems
  • Immediate or predictive corrective intervention via remote diagnosis of any failures or malfunctions and constant alerting
  • Continuous Improvement by root cause analysis and knowledge-based articles
  • Incident impact analysis and cross comparison and evaluation by continuous data recording and analysis
  • Integrate analytical charts & reports

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