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Resolving Outdated Approaches to Solar  Asset Management
Solar monitoring, maintenance and asset management from multiple platforms increases management time and expense. Add the market variability, regional policy and incentive parameters and disparate asset stakeholder groups and what emerges is the gross inefficiency of most solar asset management service offerings to meet the demands of today’s solar investor needs.

The Evolution of Solar Asset Management to Integrated Service Management
Gaps between solar operations, maintenance and asset management platforms in the industry are resolved with a fully integrated business management software, or Enterprise Resource Planning to:

  • Facilitate information flow between all the business functions
  • Share data across various locations
  • Manage connections to all the outside stakeholders streamlining processes keeping transparency across the whole chain

ACTIS, the World’s First Solar ERP
Out of extensive European market solar development experience, Alectris created ACTIS, the award winning Solar Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (Solar ERP). ACTIS creates Solar Asset Management higher efficiency with complete and automatic visibility on every plant related contract (technical, administrative or financial) and on the relevant clauses, obligations and KPIs with automatic alerting on each individual solar asset aggregated over a solar portfolio, no matter where the assets are located. ACTIS is currently used in hundreds of plants worldwide.

ACTIS Solar Asset Management Main Features

  • Account & Contact Management
  • Activity management
  • Contract management
  • Contract compliance (both Contractor and Owner)
  • Incident handling
  • Owner’s activities management
  • PPA’s management
  • Warranty management
  • Cash flow management, Financial Alerting
  • Loan management
  • Insurance claims management
  • Business plan management
  • Warranty Management
  • Financial KPI calculation (DSCR, IRR etc.)

ACTIS Solar Asset Management User Benefits

  • Every PV asset related contract is digitalized, customizable contract types are available and respective parameters are monitored for contract compliance and scheduling of the relevant specific tasks
  • Full and updated view on each equipment warranty and management and alerting according to the relevant expirations dates
  • Management of claims towards insurance companies, history of activities, resolutions and settlement
  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) administration
  • Asset managers can periodically control and review operating costs, financial and cash performances of each PV asset, and the relevant spread (actual vs budget) with respect of bank/financial institution cash flow expectations
  • Asset managers are automatically alerted if plant’s cash flows are going below expectations in order to re-act promptly to protect investors/banks expositions

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