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A Complex Solar Asset Management Reality
Alectris is your one source for experienced solar professionals backed up by robust service capabilities to help you profitability own, operate and manage your solar portfolio.

European solar project development and the management of multi megawatts of solar PV projects dispersed globally have resulted in an Alectris team who is highly skilled in solving the challenges of the current solar asset reality.

Solar owners and operators face steep obstacles controlling their asset management human and hard costs due to growing and increasingly dispersed assets, multiple non-integrated monitoring and reporting data sources, lack of transparency into operations and financial reports for the funding partner, no standard method for keeping financial or operational records and cash flow and margins pressure.

A Management Platform Approach to Dispersed Assets
In answer to the growing complexity of solar asset management, Alectris has developed an integrated approach to solar asset care. Our experienced team offers you one source for all your solar portfolio care needs. The core of our approach resides in ACTIS, our award winning Solar Resource Planning Platform or Solar ERP.

ACTIS, the World’s First Solar ERP
ACTIS is an integrated monitoring and management platform for tracking the actual performance of the solar PV plants as well as all related human activities, whether in the field or behind the desk, on individual solar assets no matter where the assets are located.

The world’s first Solar ERP, ACTIS, empowers solar owners and operators with the ability to readily generate reports synthesizing robust and disparate data to yield an unprecedented level of reporting flexibility. ACTIS is currently used in hundreds of plants worldwide.

ACTIS empowers you with:

  • State of the art monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Streamlined crew dispatching and reporting
  • The ability to predict and compare actual financial data with your budget
  • Create meaningful reports with data across all ACTIS modules
  • Cloud based accessibility

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