Alectris and MoreSun® Success Case: +3.3% Increase in Energy Production

January 13, 2023

Alectris is proud to announce the completion of the MoreSun® coating project for ERG Power Generation Spa.

ERG Power Generation is a global operator active in the renewable energy sector. Headquartered in Genova, Italy, ERG has operated for more than 80 years and recently completed a radical transformation of its business from an oil operator to a player in the market for power generation from renewable and sustainable sources. ERG chose Alectris to execute a recoating project for its 500kWp solar plant in Marzano, and MoreSun® was selected as the best solution to meet ERG’s business needs.

MoreSun® by Pellucere Technologies is a proprietary solar coating and application system that adds an Anti-Reflective (AR) & Anti-Soiling (AS) silica shield to any solar array. Anti-reflective energy gains of up to 4.7% plus anti-soiling energy gains for a total of up to 12% more energy shown by a long-term test executed in the southern part of California confirmed by an NREL test report.

Alectris has a dedicated trained and high-skilled coating team for field activities in Italy and Greece.Coating activities are executed following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that provide guarantees and high-quality performances. Quality control procedures are carried out during the whole coating process with state-of-the-art measurement devices, such as a thin-film analyzer (i.e. spectrometer).

Project Details / Application
Based on the success of the pilot project completed by Alectris in 2020, ERG requested the same service on additional three solar plants. After an assessment, the photovoltaic sites with Sharp ND210E1F modules were deemed eligible for low-temperature curing.

MoreSun® was applied in three weeks with Pellucere Technologies’®’ patented application system ensuring maximum transfer efficiency, minimal waste, and maximum scientific precision.

Project result +3.3% Increase in Energy Production
Alectris’s expertise and the solution’s technical benefits directly contributed to the increase in energy production of solar plants from 3.0%- 3,5% for C-Si modules and up to 4.7% for thin film modules (without Anti-Soiling benefit), a significant amount in terms of overall plant performance.
In particular, the coating process, which was operated and supervised by an independent String Box, resulted in a production increase of +3.3% on average, a great success by industry standards for C-Si modules.

Thus far, Alectris has successfully coated 10MW+ plants in Italy and Greece. Pellucere Technologies’ carried out an additional over 2000 MW+ in Germany, France, and the UK, while the US division treated over 400 MW plants.

Alectris is proud to have contributed to the over-performance of energy production from the successful completion of the coating process and looks forward to collaborating with ERG Power Generation Spa in the future.