Alectris saves 65,000 minutes yearly

December 06, 2022

Alectris’s ACTIS ERP gets an efficiency boost with Resco Mobile CRM mobile upgrade

Alectris’s proprietary software ACTIS ERP is a one-of-a-kind proprietary renewable asset management and monitoring platform built on Dynamics 365. The platform was built to solve pain points endured by asset managers and owners within the renewable energy sector. It helps clients achieve their assets’ optimum performance by reducing internal and external costs, streamlining operations, and consolidating technical, operational, and financial data, and reporting into a single place.

To further improve Alectris’s offering and streamline O&M management processes, Alectris collaborated with Resco as a mobility provider and implementation partner. The aim was to provide field workers tasked with preventative and corrective maintenance of renewable assets with a single solution to manage their work, and recurring activities, and report to the back office. 

The implemented solution has also served as a planning tool to assign daily work orders to each field worker, based on their priorities, location, and skillsets.

Additionally, Alectris integrated the following customizations and additional functionalities that weren’t present in Resco’s core product.

  1. Customized expense reporting system that allows field engineers to take a picture of the receipt or invoice and add it to their expenses. This allows for information to be readily available for the back office and reduces the time it takes to generate of monthly expense reports to a few minutes.
  2. Work Orders were also integrated with Resco Guides to generate an automatic selection of all relevant guides for field workers depending on the assigned work order.
  3. Templates can be included automatically in work orders for various inspections relating to preventative maintenance activities.

The use of Resco Mobile CRM has registered significant benefits since its implementation.

65,000 minutes saved

Over the past 12 months the Alectris team fulfilled 6,600 orders globally, and thanks to the mobile upgrade by Resco, reporting time from field technicians shrunk to 5 minutes, compared to 15 over the previous period, a 66% decrease. The total time savings was equivalent to roughly 65,000 minutes yearly, a great success in terms of optimizing existing processes for maximum efficiency.

24/7 Access

In addition to the considerable time savings, the mobile app has allowed technicians to access historical data 24/7 on past activities executed at the plants they visit efficiently and accurately even in remote working conditions and in different countries.

Data Standardization

Resco’s mobile upgrade allows constant data standardization and technicians to efficiently collaborate with Alectris’s O&M managers in the back office to resolve potential disruptions. Field workers then use the Resco app to report activities in the field and attach pictures to their reports.

Real-time Oversight

On top of that, the back office also has real-time oversight of each field worker’s exact location and current activity, which contributes to increased efficiency and communication between all teams. The back office can use this data to assign a time-sensitive issue to the nearest technician in case a potential concern arises.

International Optimization

The data collected directly from the field technicians enhances the flow of information and allows global teams to optimize decision-making time about operations processes.

Alectris Senior O&M Manager Anastasios Agathaggelou commented on the improvements in communication and efficiency with the field technician team.

Reporting from our field engineers was never that easy. Now with Resco, the process is more efficient and less time-consuming. Information sent back to the office can now be assessed faster, which leads to faster decision-making. We all know that time reaction plays a key role in our business. Reporting to end customers has also been improved, as we can easily pass them all information from the field, which also saves us an enormous amount of time and helps us build a bond of trust with them.

It has been a pleasure to partner with Resco during this project and engineer new solutions to optimize our existing platforms and continue to deliver the highest quality services for our clients.