Digital Solar & Storage 2017

November 02, 2017

Massimiliano Pili, Country Manager of Italy for Alectris will address “Digital O&M: Optimising management of utility-scale solar plants” at the Digital Solar & Storage Event, 4-5 December 2017 in Munich, Germany at the BMW World facility.

This first event of its kind will unite the key stakeholders in solar, energy storage and digitalisation from Europe to establish a cross-sectoral platform in areas that will shape the power, heat & transport sectors.

Designed by SolarPower Europe, the Continent’s leading lobby association in solar and battery storage, and co-organized by the International Battery Energy & Storage Alliance (IBESA), the event will cover the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities impacting all three industries from a policy, market and technological perspective.

Executives will discuss market trends, identify new business models and highlight how digitalisation can benefit consumers and put forward the long-term vision for the industry.

High Tech O&M in World’s First Digitalisation & Solar Report

The world’s first report on digitalisation and solar was issued by SolarPower Europe, 4 October 2017.  Thought to be the first in-depth analysis of digital technology in solar PV in the world, “Digitalisation & Solar” seeks to lay out how solar can make the most of the market opportunities arising from digitalisation such as smart solar homes, peer-to-peer electricity trading, digitalised manufacturing and high-tech O&M.  Copies of the report will be distributed a this event.

Massimiliano Pili will use the ACTIS case study in the report as part of his presentation at the event.

Event Information

  • When: 4-5 December 2017
  • Where: Munich, Germany
  • Registration information: click here

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