SolarPower Europe Names Vassilis Papaeconomou O&M Task Force Leader

October 12, 2016

SolarPower Europe has named Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director of Alectris to the lead role in its solar operations and maintenance (O&M) Task Force.  The announcement was made in the organization’s October 2016 newsletter: O&M Second Period has kicked off – New topics, new leader.

“We are proud to welcome Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director of Alectris as the new Task Force leader. Vassilis has been an active member during the drafting of the Best Practices Guidelines document and supported the work heavily to its finalization and also dissemination. SolarPower Europe is excited about this change and looking forward to continue working closely with Vassilis and the rest of the Task Force members as effectively as in the past,” said the organization in its statement.

“Vassilis takes the lead from Stefan Degener from First Solar who was a founding member of this Task Force and contributed greatly to the success of this Task Force overall. SolarPower Europe and Ioannis Thomas Theologitis, coordinator of the Task Force, would like to extend their sincere thanks to Stefan for the constant support and guidance,” said SolarPower Europe.

vassilis-papaeconomou-of-alectris-named-new-solarpower-europe-task-force-leader-fb“Congratulations to SolarPower Europe for this focus on solar O&M. I would also like to personally thank Stefan Degener of First Solar for his leadership of the Task Force to date and Ioannis for his passion and hard work coordinating the team,” said Vassilis Papaeconomou of Alectris. “Given Europe has pioneered the solar PV market, it is a natural progression for SolarPower Europe to demonstrate thought leadership in the critical solar O&M aspect of the industry. The development of the Best Practices Guidelines has been an important step and I am heartened by the stakeholder reception for it.  I firmly believe our Task Force will continue to impact the operations, maintenance and asset management sector of the industry in Europe as well as the global O&M market.”

Vassilis has worked with the O&M Task Force since its inception, announced in May 2015. He and his Alectris team have contributed to the group’s initial standardization document, the O&M Best Practices Guidelines.

He presented an early view of the guidelines at Intersolar Europe 2016 and has discussed the guidelines and the importance of O&M standardization in leading publications.

Vassilis was featured, along with Ioannis Thomas Theologitis of SolarPower Europe, in a Solar O&M Insider podcast and article to help disseminate the Guidelines to the solar industry.