PV Asset Improvement

September 24, 2014

This article originally appeared in SolareB2B, page 4. English Translation:

Alectris participated as sponsor and speaker at the event organized by Broker Studio entitled “Risks, Opportunities and Network Strategies -Enhancing the profitability of PV 2.0 market asset”, which was held in Milan on 22 September.

«Alectris has underlined how according to the current PV market consolidation the monitoring systems market shall evolve towards complete Plant Management Systems also featuring full service and asset management capabilities, “explains Emanuele Tacchino, business development manager of Alectris,” in response to the need of investors who have bought plants or portfolios built by different operators with inhomogeneous systems, that now should be rationalized in order to efficiently support and optimize their operating costs».

During the event, the company has focused the audience attention to the evolved and extended 360° capabilities of Alectris proprietary full Management Platform ACTIS to protect solar margins through operational efficiency.


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