European Based Inverter Manufacturer FIMER Appoints Alectris, a Global Asset Care Provider, as Its Exclusive Service Provider

July 10, 2014

Agreement covers 40 MWp in Greece and Romania

MILAN, ITALY – ATHENS, GREECE – 10 July 2014:  FIMER, an Italian based solar inverter and mega station producer, has appointed Alectris, a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets, as its exclusive service provider in Greece and Romania, the two companies announced today.  The agreement covers a current solar PV portfolio of 24 MWp in Romania and 17 MWp in Greece.

“Finally, after several researches FIMER has found the perfect partner for our Greek and Romanian customers,” said Filippo Carzaniga, managing director for the FIMER Group.

“Alectris gives us a competitive edge in the fulfillment of asset care services and the performance of our inverter line. By choosing a FIMER product, you are sure to have reliability, professionalism and quality, accompanied by the offer of the best assistance services which are guaranteed by Alectris, our new partner for Greece and Romania.”

Alectris will provide service assistance beginning in June 2014 for FIMER solar inverter customers in Greece and Romania.  Alectris will be involved in complete service responsibilities for inverter maintenance with the added advantage of its headquarters being in close proximity to the PV parks.

“Our capacity to provide asset care to dispersed solar assets is a strong match for the growing FIMER global customer base in the solar industry,” said Vassilis Papaeconomou, Alectris managing director.  “We are honored to join forces with a company of such long heritage who is growing in its worldwide scope of business.”

Established in 1942, the FIMER Group brings a 65 year heritage to the manufacturer of a diverse line of industrial products. From its inception manufacturing welding equipment, FIMER has diversified into air conditioner products and launched its solar inverter division in 2008.  FIMER is the first and only welding company in the world with “zero” impact on the environment. Along with the use of advanced materials in the construction of the company’s new headquarters and the use geothermal energy, the company has installed a 1 MWp solar PV power plant. These clean energy innovations empowers FIMER to reach its zero CO2 emissions goal.  Headquartered in Italy, the company has branches in the U.S., Algeria, Romania, Brazil, China, and South Africa. For more information visit

About Alectris
Alectris is a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets.  Honed in the mature solar market in Europe, the comprehensive suite of Alectris services reduces the risk and delivers maximum financial returns for solar investors and plant owners regardless of site location. Powered by ACTIS, the company’s award winning solar asset management and monitoring platform, Alectris provides a full service approach to solar asset protection, including solar operations and maintenance, asset management, check-up and diagnostic, engineering and improvement services. Performance excellence is the company’s mission, empowering it to re-define O&M and outperform client expectations. For more information visit

Media Contact
Glenna Wiseman – [email protected]


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