When Did Solar Monitoring Start To Matter? 16 July 2014 Webinar

July 01, 2014

Solar installations have increased dramatically in the past five years, both in size and number. Consequently, solar contractors and other industry professionals increasingly need a way to monitor and control these installations around the clock. Some owners, operators and utilities are even requiring it. Solar Power World Magazine will host a special 1-hour presentation to learn:

-Why solar monitoring is so important
-About the coming boom of fleet-level monitoring
-Solar monitoring trends and outlook for the future

Featured Speakers:

Featured Presenters
Kathie Zipp - Moderator Kathie Zipp – Moderator
Managing Editor
Solar Power World“After writing about wind power, Kathie Zipp was excited to continue her coverage of the renewable energy industry as she moved to the solar side of things. She enjoys writing about such an exciting and evolving industry.”

Judah Moseson Judah Moseson
Director of O&M Services
Infigen“Judah Moseson has more than 25 years of experience in the electric energy business. Most of those years have been spent in power generation in both the traditional fossil fueled power industry and more recently in the wind and solar renewable energy industry.”

Vassilis Papaeconomou Vassilis Papaeconomou
Managing Director
Alectris“Vassilis Papaeconomou brings executive solar photovoltaic development and construction expertise to his role as co-founder and managing director of Alectris. As a German trained engineer, he drives continues improvement in every aspect of the company including operational, engineering and team performance to re-define O&M and outperform client expectations.”

Keith Davis Keith Davis
Director of Solar Services
Affinity Automation“Keith E. Davis is a long-time electrical specialist and serves as Director of Solar Services for Affinity Automation. Keith brings passion and innovation to this already innovative and cutting edge industry through both his contracting experience and technology expertise.”