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For over a decade Vassilis Papaeconomou has accumulated extensive solar experience spanning PV plant development, construction, financing and asset care (operations, maintenance and management). As an industry leader, his in-depth knowledge including the contractual and technical aspects of PV investments is being deployed in the creation of standards and best practices to move the industry forward globally. 

As Managing Director for Alectris, Papaeconomou’s pioneering work includes the development of the award-winning proprietary software, ACTIS, the world’s first solar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a cloud-based integrated solar monitoring, O&M and asset management tool currently operational on nearly 500 solar plants worldwide. Under his guidance, Alectris continues to grow its integrated solar services and software offerings with portfolio gains in mature and emerging markets and marketplace alliances in key solar countries.

Papaeconomou began on the construction site of the industry with Advartia, Ltd., a solar EPC firm he started as a Papaeconomou Company with partner firms in 2006.  Based in his home country Greece, Advartia engineered, constructed and managed photovoltaic power plants in Crete, Kavala, Thebes, Katerini, Larisa, Rhodes, Kilkis and the Peloponnese.

In 2012 Papaeconomou started Alectris, creating the infrastructure for a holistic approach to solar PV asset care, including operations, maintenance and asset management. The company now operates out of Greece, Italy, Cyprus and the United States, with partnership alliances in India, Spain and Japan.

Papaeconomou is the leader of the SolarPower Europe solar O&M task force, which is working on version 2.0 of its Solar O&M Best Practices Guidelines. He is a frequent speaker at solar industry events, often quoted in industry publications and television coverage and authors in-depth industry articles.

Papaeconomou is a graduate of the Universität Karlsruhe as a Chemical Engineer. He speaks three languages including English, Greek and German.