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The Complexity of Solar Operations and Maintenance
Most solar operations and maintenance (O&M) service offerings fall short of the demands solar owners and operations face today. With burgeoning portfolios reflecting more gigawatts, dispersed across more locations maintained by a variety of inconsistent service providers, owners face an amplification of operations and maintenance tasks into dramatic complexity. Cumbersome control of solar O&M adds unnecessarily to the cost of operating solar PV assets, which degrades profit margins.

Scaling the operations and maintenance of dispersed solar assets into streamlined efficiency requires the evolution of yesterday’s spreadsheet based operations and maintenance to a solar service management platform.

The Evolution of Operations and Maintenance to Solar Service Management
The complexity of service management for individual and portfolio wide solar assets requires evolved and fully integrated business management software, or Enterprise Resource Planning to:

  • Facilitate information flow between all the business functions
  • Share data across various locations
  • Manage connections to all the outside stakeholders streamlining processes keeping transparency across the whole chain

ACTIS, the World’s First Solar ERP
Out of extensive European market solar development experience, Alectris created ACTIS, the award winning Solar Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (Solar ERP). ACTIS reduces operation & maintenance cost through remote diagnosis, real time alerting and increased intervention efficiency on each individual solar asset aggregated over a solar portfolio, no matter where the assets are located. ACTIS is currently used in hundreds of plants worldwide.

ACTIS Service Management Main Features

  • Incident identification, handling and statistical evaluation
  • Management of as-built information
  • Equipment inventory
  • Spare part management
  • Technician/Subcontractor management
  • Technician/Subcontractor evaluation
  • Technician/Subcontractor training management
  • Service scheduling
  • Subcontractor Terms and Conditions
  • Full alerting configuration
  • Service cost management
  • Technical KPI calculation (response, resolution time, PR, AVA, Uptime etc)

ACTIS Service Management User Benefits

  • Real time alerting on overall plant and individual device performance
  • Real time scheduling, executing and monitoring of maintenance tasks (corrective & preventive), securing uninterruptible plant operation at technical & safety level, while energy production maximization & high ROI are simultaneously achieved
  • Incidents ticket management
  • Local technician and subcontractor control, training and evaluation
  • Complete asset and spare parts control with extensive inventory capabilities
  • Continuous control on service execution compliance including quality, cost, timing and automatic calculation and comparison with the relevant contracts and service KPI’s

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