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Solar Profit Margin Pressure
Cash flow and profit margins from solar PV assets are under continuous downward pressure. Profit margins are subject to changing incentive policies, energy price volatility, commoditization of levelized cost of energy (LCOE), utility grid interconnection requirements, inconsistent reporting requirements and increased acquisition competition. The last thing today’s solar investors and owners need is a downgrade of profitability due to the cost of reporting requirements.

The Evolution of Solar Asset Reporting to Integrated Solar Management
Solar PV owners and operators can realize cost savings, reporting ease and data transparency with the reporting robustness of the world’s first solar enterprise resource planning platform. ACTIS empowers you with information at your fingertips instead of spread across multiple data sources. All the ACTIS modules work together and bring you an integrated platform for data related to all aspects of your solar asset.

ACTIS, the World’s First Solar ERP
Out of extensive European market solar development experience, Alectris created ACTIS, the award winning Solar Enterprise Resource Planning Platform (Solar ERP). ACTIS is a robust and elegant solution to customize reporting for all asset stakeholders on each individual solar asset aggregated over a solar portfolio, no matter where the assets are located. ACTIS is currently used in hundreds of plants worldwide.

ACTIS Asset Management Main Features

  • Extensive financial and technical reporting capabilities
  • Robust report customization capabilities
  • Ability to standardize financial and operational records

ACTIS Reporting User Benefits

  • Easy, timely & accurate customizable management reporting
  • Transparency into operations and financial reports for the funding partner
  • Consistent reporting

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