Alectris as an Exclusive MoreSun® Installer in Greece and Italy

Alectris and US Pellucere Technologies™ signed a long term agreement for Alectris to be the exclusive installer of MoreSun® Anti-Reflective solar coatings in Greece and Italy. MoreSun® is the world’s most advanced anti-reflective and anti-soiling solar coating. It increases energy output from solar power plants by 3,4% – 4,7% by reducing reflection losses (Anti-Reflective effect) and lowering the deposition of dirt and dust (Anti-Soiling effect).


Alectris, a certified installer of the MoreSun® patented anti-reflective coating (ARC) technology, has been working with Pellucere since 2014 and has actively participated in development and testing of MoreSun®. During the last 5 years Alectris conducted multiple field tests to help Pellucere to optimize MoreSun® and the related installation processes and technology. 

Alectris’ large-scale tests of MoreSun® were completed in Italy, Greece, UK and Germany and have shown excellent results, proving that PV modules coated with MoreSun® generate more energy.  Solar assets were achieving increased performance from the first months of use. The energy gains were in the range of 3,4 % – 4,7 %, depending on factors such as plant layout, array configuration, plant location and relevant irradiation level. 

MoreSun® reduces the amount of reflected light by varying the index of refraction on the solar module’s surface, creating a more gradual transition from air to glass. This results in up to 90% reduction in reflected light. MoreSun®’s unique chemistry enables it to cure at much lower temperatures than traditional AR coatings, allowing it to be applied as retrofit technology on existing solar arrays in the field or in the factory during module manufacturing. It is also environmentally friendly, as it decreases the so-called “lake effect”, protecting wildlife, and is robustly formulated to survive the harshest conditions. 

“After several years of cooperation with Pellucere, we are excited about our next chapter of our partnership introducing MoreSun® to the whole industry at a large scaleOur dedicated, professionally trained and high-skilled coating team, which has carried out plenty of field tests, always following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and delivering outstanding performance, and our strong presence in Europe, especially in Italy and Greece, are key elements of success. While Pellucere provides the MoreSun® technology along with the unique Pay-Back Guarantee and Risk-free policy of the product, we focus on the high quality of operations. We know MoreSun® from the early stages of development and we are happy to participate in its continuous improvement in the years to come. “  – said  Vassilis Papaeconomu, Managing Director of Alectris.

“Through our 5 years of cooperation Alectris proved to be highly professional and reliable partner; its know-how gained through the extensive field application activities helped us to improve and optimize our technology. Therefore, we are proud to announce that recently Alectris became our first certified installer of MoreSun® and will be our exclusive partner in Greece and ItalyWe look forward to working with Alectris to bring the benefits of this technology to its customers in Europe and around the world. ” – added  Robert LukefahrCEO of Pellucere Technoogies.

For the past six years, anti-reflective coatings have been a standard technology for new generation PV modules, however more than 30GW of solar assets are in service in the EU market without factory pre-installed ARC. This creates opportunities for Alectris and Pellucere to introduce MoreSun® to boost European PV plants’ performance. Thus MoreSun® is expected to significantly grow in the market in following years. 

Want to learn more about MoreSun®? Click here to see the brochure. 

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