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Alectris at the O&M and Asset Management Conference in London

Vassilis Papaeconomou, CEO of Alectris and Constantinos Peonides, Director, will join the O&M and Asset Management Conference on December 5, 2019, in London, UK. The event is organized by SolarPower Europe and The Solar Trade Association. The conference is aimed to bring an insightful discussion on digital solutions and its benefits for O&M service providers, asset managers, and other stakeholders.  


Vassilis and Constantinos will be pleased to discuss with you about digitalization of solar operations and the benefits of ACTIS – the world’s first Renewable Energy ERP dedicated to empowering renewable asset owners, asset managers and service providers with full control of their portfolio. 


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During the event, Constantinos will participate in the session “The solar O&M market: Latest trends” at 13h30 – 14h20, moderated by Lara Hayim from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and share his extensive expertise on how digitalization in the solar market positively affects the transparency and efficiency of renewable business operations. 


The key points of the event are official launches of two resourceful guidelines:  

  • Launch of the Solar Asset Management Best Practices Guidelines Version 1.0 
  • Launch of the O&M Best Practices Guidelines Version 4.0 


Documents were prepared by SolarPower Europe along with the organization members – the key players in the solar industry, including Alectris. Chapter 9 in the Asset Management Best Practices Guidelines Version 1.0 describes/proposes the industry’s best practices regarding Data Management and High-level Monitoring 


About Alectris:
Alectris delivers asset care innovation for the global solar industry. With our integrated suite of operations, maintenance and asset management services, award-winning software ACTIS, and retrofit technologies, we empower owners with full control of their portfolios to realize worry-free, high performing solar assets.

Vassilis Papaeconomou

Vassilis is the CEO of AlectrisPapaeconomou’s pioneering work includes the development of the award-winning proprietary software, ACTIS, the World’s first Renewable Energy ERP. 

Constantinos Peonides

Constantinos is Constantinos Peonidesa Director of Alectris, with more than 15 years of professional experience in management. His responsibilities include business development in emerging solar markets in Europe and Asia.



O&M and Asset Management Conference is an annual event organized by SolarPower Europe and The Solar Trade Association. This year event will include topics such as quality labels for solar O&M, monitoring services and aerial inspection, the solar O&M market: latest trends around pricing, strategy and technology, revamping and repowering, and introducing the Open Solar Contracts of IRENA and the Terrawatt Initiative: a global O&M template agreement to reduce transaction costs.