CONFLECTOR® by New Power Systems, is a high end reflection component for profit optimization of existing solar photovoltaic (PV) plants.  The multi-layer material reflects more radiance from the sun onto the solar panels.  Our testing has verified from 10% up to 15% measured performance increases to date.

How Does This Technology Benefit PV Plant Owners?

The CONFLECTOR® technology increases output and thus profitability for solar PV plants.  The benefits of this technology include:

  • Increased output has been shown to result in average additional profits between 10-15%
  • Higher output in the morning, evening and in the winter
  • Utilization of albedo (ground reflection) to increase energy generation
  • Easy installation
  • Reduces grass cutting requirements
What are the results of the CONFLECTOR® testing by Alectris?

Alectris has conducted long term and sustained testing of the CONFLECTOR® technology since May 2015.

A ground mount solar PV site in Greece has been the focus of these efforts:

  • 1.8 MWp -Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2015, from 10% up to 15% measured performance increase to date

Case study tests results are available upon request from Antonio Bilella, Alectris Innovation & Project Manager.

Sample Profit with ConflectorWhat Kinds of Solar PV Projects can CONFLECTOR® Optimize?

The CONFLECTOR® technology can be installed on existing ground and rooftop solar PV installations with row space of at least 3 meters and a maximum height of the panel installation of 2.5 meters. Certain restrictions apply.  Download a spec sheet or contact our team for more information.

How is it Installed?

The product is installed at the crossbar of racking base construction for rooftop installations or via earth nails for ground mount PV parks.

    Conflector 01Conflector 02Conflector 03

Where is it Available?

Currently Alectris installs, tests and monitors this product in Italy, Greece and Japan.  Contact Antonio Bilella, Alectris Innovation & Project Manager  for more details and for information about the schedule for additional countries.

What is the Warranty?

CONFLECTOR® carries a warranty on defects and damages for 10 years.

Does it Affect Peak Power?

It is important to point out that peak power is not influenced on sunny days by CONFLECTOR®, as applicable to respective regulatory and grid delivery constraints, such as authorization peak power limits, grid connection limits or FIT program regulations.

How does CONFLECTOR® save money on site maintenance?

Site testing has revealed an important upside in the application of CONFLECTOR®.  When installed on ground mount solar PV sites, CONFLECTOR® inhibits the growth of grass thus reducing the O&M costs.

    Conflector 04Conflector 05Conflector 06

Can CONFLECTOR® and MoreSun® be Used Together?

Yes both technologies can work synergistically for further solar PV asset optimization. Our team is evaluating the added value of implementing both technologies together.

CONFLECTOR® Technical Data Sheet

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