The legacy of the Alectris solar industry was born in Italy from the design and construction of photovoltaic systems starting from 2011. In recent years, the company has evolved to provide a sophisticated sector of solar photovoltaic operations, maintenance services, asset management, and software serving customers worldwide.

The alliance with market partners has accelerated the company’s contribution to emerging markets. New technologies have enabled the company to improve the performance of existing solar systems. The Leadership of Alectris is placed from the beginning, the objective to guarantee best services with maximum satisfaction of its customers; to respect the environment through the use of minimally impacting new technologies and through continuous research studies that are influencing the solar industry. In addition to this goal, the company wants to provide customers with high-quality service and products and wants to ensure the health and safety of its employees. For ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the achievement of these objectives, the company has implemented an integrated management system Quality, Environment, Health, and Security.


In this context, the company is committed to:

  • Understand the needs of customers and plan their activities to fully satisfy them by operating in compliance with the reference market and the country’s regulations.
  • Plan, monitor and constantly improve the activities in their processes to obtain the expected results.
  • Ensure that planned resources and objectives are compatible with the context and strategic guidelines, involving, coordinating and supporting all interested parties.
  • Evaluate and treat the risks associated with the processes and reinforce and amplify the opportunities identified by promoting an appropriate sense of proactivity in management.
  • Place people as the nerve center of industrial processes by promoting the development of internal professionalism and external collaborations to provide competent and motivated resources.
  • Monitor the performance of corporate KPIs and, consequently, adopt all those technologies to best perform their work in order to achieve the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.
  • To prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses by evaluating and monitoring all impacts on health and safety in places of work that may affect the company’s personnel;
  • Participate in all personnel to assess the near-miss and plan and schedule emergency simulations in order to increase people’s awareness and culture;
  • Qualify and train its people to involve, manage and control the prescribed activities, grow professionally and make a real contribution to the company from a PDCA perspective (PLAN DO CHECK ACT).
  • Perpetually improve the system to make it dynamic in order to ensure and respect the laws on health and safety in the workplace and current environmental regulations;
  • Safeguard the environmental heritage through continuous monitoring of its business processes;
  • Use products that cause as little damage as possible to the environment and to people using new technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their photovoltaic systems.


Alectris provides all the adequate resources so that its policy is communicated effectively within its organization and to all stakeholders.

The responsibility for this policy must not only belong to company management but must be specific to all workers, each with their own roles and responsibilities.

All personnel are invited to perform their duties respecting all the procedures assigned by the company in respect of quality and all the regulations in respect of their own safety and in respect of the environment.

The aim of this policy is to achieve the goals that the leadership places on quality, environment, and safety with an annual assessment of the risks and opportunities connected to company processes, with the appropriate internal and external verification activities, and with the review by the General Management.

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