Alectris reports O&M Business growth

May 11, 2023

Alectris Italia continues to thrive in Operations & Management

Overview of O&M Services 

The importance of operations and maintenance (O&M) services in the renewable energy sector cannot be overstated. The success of renewable energy projects hinges on ensuring energy performance and profitability, which is critical at both the micro and macro levels. At the company-specific level, portfolios must be optimized to reduce risk and increase profitability.  

Ensuring energy performance and profitability are critical from the micro-level of company-specific portfolios to the macro reality of YieldCo’s and securitization. To meet these demands, O&M service providers must offer a comprehensive approach to renewable operations, maintenance, monitoring, and management, regardless of plant location.  


New Contracts for Alectris Italia 

Alectris Italia is proud to announce it continues to expand its O&M services with the additional signing of four contracts for four solar plants located all over the Italian territory. 

In addition to the contracts, Alectris has been chosen to facilitate the construction of 3 more new projects which will be launched in the Spring-Summer 2023. 

The team has also recently taken several plants under management throughout the Italian territory that collectively amount to approximately 10 MW. The management will comprise operations, maintenance services for the duration of the contract, with the goal of increasing plant efficiency and responding to any potential challenges. 


Team Expansion 

Expert and skilled technicians are vital to the growth of O&M services and the successful implementation of quality services. Considering Alectris’s commitment to best serving its clients, and the market, the Alectris Italia team is expanded with several new technicians recruited to provide services in new Italian territories. 

Our team’s redefined approach to O&M that is tailored to the needs of today’s sophisticated renewables market. By prioritizing profitability over cost, Alectris is well-positioned to help clients reduce risk and maximize returns on their renewable energy investments.