Alectris Wins ACEA Tender

February 01, 2023

Alectris reaches the installation of ACTIS on the first 100MWp for ACEA’s solar plants.

ACEA, the Italian multiservice company active in the management and development of networks and services in the water, energy, and environment sectors issued a tender for the installation, configuration, management, and assistance of its solar plants in early 2021.

Alectris is proud to announce it was chosen as the winner of this competitive tender due to a strong track record of successfully navigating complex projects and vast experience in the implementation of the monitoring system.

As a result, ACTIS ERP, Alectris’s proprietary software system for asset management was implemented on an initial selection of ACEA’s solar power plants all over Italy, totaling 100 MWp.

Over the past year, ACTIS ERP has been installed on existing plants that had been operating with alternative software solutions and newly completed plants that required a foundational software solution.

Using ACTIS ERP, ACEA has been able to monitor the data from 100MWp of solar plants effectively, efficiently and in one central place.



Multiple Inverter Configuration

One of the benefits of integrating ACTIS ERP software has been ACEA’s newfound ability to integrate data from a large variety of inverter types.

Personalized Solutions

In addition to overcoming the challenge of integrating data from different inverters, ACTIS ERP provided several personalized solutions based on ACEA’s requests and business needs.

Climate Conditions

These personalized elements include the addition of a weather window widget on the platform that allows ACEA to view satellite imagery from a third party and have a more holistic understanding of the performance KPIs collected, such as the PR, or Performance Ratio.

Alert System

Another request ACTIS ERP fulfilled was the configuration of a system of specific alerts. These alerts were based on ACEA’s operational necessities and included alerts from trackers, inverters, energy meters, interface protection, and solar radiation meters.

Tracker system

One of the key features of ACTIS ERP is its ability to integrate data from the trackers installed on the solar plants. This system provides data on the actual tilt and optimal tilt position of the trackers installed and relay notifications that help ensure they are functioning efficiently.



One of the biggest challenges we face as an industry is data consolidation.

To meet this need, Alectris has created ACTIS ERP a unique, innovative renewables Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform dedicated to empowering owners and stakeholders of renewable energy assets, including asset managers and O&M service providers, with full control of their portfolios through our award-winning, one-stop solution.