Greece: Year in Review

January 18, 2023

Alectris Greece Closes 2022 with Major Milestones

In 2022, Alectris Greece made a significant impact in the renewable energy industry with several major milestones and accomplishments.

ACTIS ERP Implementation

One of the year’s most notable achievements was the successful implementation of ACTIS, a cutting-edge monitoring  and management system, at 32 PV plants in Greece where Alectris Greece provides O&M services.

The implementation of ACTIS helped the Greek O&M team with daily monitoring and significantly improved the overall performance of the plants, which have a total installed capacity of 5MW.

New Operations and Maintenance Projects

One of the major highlights for 2022 was the expansion into the Balkan market, where the team is looking forward to increasing its presence with plans to provide O&M and implement ACTIS to new renewable clients.

The signing of a 17 MW plant contract in North Macedonia for a full-scope O&M is the first step in this growth plan. The O&M contract will include a wide array of business services tailored to the plant owners’ needs and business goals. This will be a significant project for Alectris Greece, as it allowed them to expand their reach and expertise to a new region.

The Greek team also took on O&M for a 40MW plant that was once the largest in the country, a testament to the company’s capabilities and established market presence.

Growing Market: Southeast Asia

In addition to these successes in Greece and North Macedonia, Alectris also had a strong presence in Southeast Asia.

The company implemented ACTIS at several plants in the region, including 2 PV Plants in Vietnam (totaling 118MWp) and around 350 residential plants in Thailand and Malaysia (totaling around 8MWp).

Looking Ahead

Overall, Alectris Greece had a highly successful 2022 with many notable achievements!

The team consolidated its position in the Renewable Energy market, maintaining its presence in Southeast Asia and expanding its reach by building new relationships in the Balkan market. The group has proved once again proven its ability to operate and manage various types of projects.

2023 will be an exciting year for the company as it continues to deliver high-quality services in existing markets and demonstrate its flexibility to adapt to new market environments.