The official launch of the ROM-PV Research Project improving asset performance through the ACTIS ERP platform

January 29, 2020

Alectris, the FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Energy and Environment (CEACEMA) of the University of Jaén are proud to announce the launch of the project “Reducing the photovoltaic operation and maintenance (O&M) costs through an advanced online platform” (ROM-PV). The research project officially began on December 12, 2019, in Nicosia, Cyprus and will be carried out with the use of ACTIS ERP software.


The research project is funded by the SOLAR-ERA.NET Cofund 2. (which is subsidized by the European Commission)  and aims in optimizing the Operations and Maintenance strategies and asset management of solar power plants to provide higher results of the O&M cost reduction and improvement of asset performance. That includes enhancement in the PV plant availability, performance ratio, and hence, the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

As part of the project, the FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus will develop algorithms detecting problems with solar power plants, including failures and performance losses. The ACTIS ERP platform will be used for data collection, real-time analysis of measure data, machine learning and statistical analysis, allowing the project members to elaborate on the performance diagnosis and prognosis. Algorithms, through ACTIS ERP software, will help predict failures, therefore, improving asset performance. Additionally, the Centre for Advanced Studies in Energy and Environment (CEAEMA) of the University of Jaén (UJA) will develop algorithms that recognize soiling. The collected data will allow stakeholders to decide the most convenient time for panel cleaning.

Constantinos Peonides, Director of Alectris, one of the project coordinators, said:
“We are very excited to cooperate with academia from Spain and Cyprus on optimizing the performance of PV plants with the use of ACTIS ERP platform. I strongly believe that their professionalism and commitment will bring outstanding results for the performance of solar power plants”.

ACTIS ERP is the world’s most comprehensive asset management solution that integrates centralized Real-time Monitoring with enhanced alerting, Service Management, O&M activities, Asset ManagementProject Management, and many more modules, all in a single platform. ACTIS, with extensive capabilities for tracking operational, technical and financial performance, empowers asset owners, managers, O&M service providers, and others with full operational control of the solar and wind portfolio.

Alectris delivers asset care innovation for the global solar industry. With our integrated suite of operations, maintenance and asset management services, award-winning software ACTIS, and retrofit technologies, we empower owners with full control of their portfolios to realize worry-free, high performing solar assets.

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