ACTIS solution for community solar – How Nautilus Solar increased efficiencies by up to 77% for monitoring and reporting

July 16, 2019

With the implementation of ACTIS, Nautilus Solar successfully streamlined its community solar operations, reduced operating costs and increased efficiencies. 


Nautilus Solar Energy is a development and asset management company focused on acquiring, developing, executing and managing distributed, community solar and utility-scaled generation projects.  

Due to the rapid growth, Nautilus faced the challenges of consolidating the data across a large and disperse portfolio with different monitoring systems. Moreover, the company needed help with streamlining the processes, including asset management, consolidated or non-consolidated financial statements, automated PPA Billing, ticketing, invoicing and many others. 

Thanks to the implementation of ACTIS, world’s first solar ERP, perfectly customized to community solar needs, Nautilus managed to achieve the desired results. Nautilus reduced dramatically the costs and time spent on business operations and increased efficiencies by up to 77% for monitoring and reporting. Management of local solar facilities shared by multiple community subscribers became simpler and efficient, and empowered Nautilus with full control of its solar portfolio. 

Stefanie Padget, VP Asset Management, Nautilus Solar summed up:

“We manage a lot of additional fee services so that we can keep our fixed fee contracts as low as possible.  The platform helped us streamline this process and tie all the A/P and associated A/R together. These efficiency gains have been achieved through April 2019; while the project is still ongoing. It is clear that the team has yet to exploit the full potential of ACTIS and in the coming months, the team’s efficiencies will increase further also in other areas of the business, like invoicing, customer management, maintenance activities.”

Check the case study of Nautilus here. 

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