ACTIS: Mytrah’s choice of software for managing its solar portfolio

June 26, 2019
Alectris, a global solar asset care innovation firm is proud to announce a new ACTIS Contract with Mytrah, one of India’s largest Independent Power Producers.  

ACTIS is the world’s first Solar Enterprise Resource Planning Platform dedicated to empowering solar park owners with a full supervision of their portfolio. 
This one-stop solution with extensive capabilities for tracking operational, technical vis-a-vis financial performance facilitates the process of Mytrah achieving full operational control of its Solar rooftop PV power plants.  

Alectris with its innovative software ACTIS has centralized Mytrah’s data from solar rooftop PV plants in one system, which significantly simplified reporting process. The integrated solution supports automation of work processes, asset management solutions, and provides more efficient work processes. ACTIS services include centralized monitoring and alerting, PPA billing, cost, service and project management. ACTIS deployment has helped Mytrah extract high performance from its solar rooftop PV assets while simultaneously reducing operating costs.  

Constantinos Peonides, Director of Alectris said:
“We are pleased to be part of India’s solar power market evolution and contribute to the full-care management of Mytrah solar rooftop PV assets based in India. We are focused on optimizing their output and increasing performance within Mytrah company’s processes automation. With our innovative, world-first software ACTIS we provide a full control of Mytrah PV power plants, ensuring the effectivity grows proportionally to the cost reduction. 

Vikram Kailas, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of of Mytrah commented: 
“We are very pleased to work with Alectris, known for its professionalism and comprehensive approach towards asset care innovation. We are excited to explore the features of Alectris’ digital solution: ACTIS platform. Robust operational control of our solar assets is key to Mytrah continuing to rank as one of India’s leading renewable independent power producers. The ACTIS platform of Alectris helps us achieve this objective.“ 

About Mytrah
Mytrah Energy (India) Private Limited is one of India’s leading renewable Independent Power Producers and a pioneer in this space. The company has over 40 projects (operational and under-development) in the wind and solar power segments across nine Indian states (Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) with an aggregate capacity of 2.6 GW. The company also has a fast-growing portfolio of rooftop solar projects across the country. Mytrah has pioneered the adoption of technology across the entire renewable power development and generation value chain, be it by building the country’s largest wind data bank using over 200 wind mast locations pan-India, or by driving efficient management of power assets through its state-of-the-art Generation Management Centre. As India’s Smart Utility Company, Mytrah leverages its robust end-to-end capabilities ranging from site selection to financing, procurement, project execution and asset management, to efficiently generate clean power from its portfolio of renewable power assets. 

About Alectris
Alectris delivers asset care innovation for the global solar industry. It provides the integrated suite of operations, maintenance and asset management services, award-winning software ACTIS, and retrofit technologies.  


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