ACTIS World’s First Solar ERP March 2019 Update

March 28, 2019

ACTIS has some new exciting and functional updates!

Do you have to manage different monitoring platforms in your portfolio? Not anymore! ACTIS can be integrated with different monitoring platforms and provide you with one unified monitoring solution. And as if this was not enough you can also manage all your portfolios’ processes and activities through a single integrated Asset Management platform that communicates directly with your unified monitoring portal.

A large number of monitoring portal users in your organization? Each one with a different work task and portfolio responsibility? Not a problem – ACTIS can now provide different landing pages for each individual user!

Too many false alarms? With the new ACTIS alerting system, which allows you to configure different alarm parameters for each separate equipment you can be sure that you will minimize your false alarms.

Alectris has updated ACTIS – innovative ERP software for solar asset management with new features:

1) ACTIS integration with following monitoring platforms:

  • Locus
  • AlsoEnergy
  • Aurora Vision
  • SolarMan

2) Customization of ACTIS portal: 

There is a possibility to set a different landing page for each of ACTIS portal user. That can be configured via ‘Landing Page’ field from ACTIS Web membership CRM form (ACTIS Configuration -> ACTIS Web Membership).

Certainly, one of existing reports and charts can be chosen as a default Landing Page.

3) New functionality for ACTIS alerting system: 

Alectris implemented a new function in the alerting system which allows to fully monitor delivery of data to the base. To achieve that, a new alert configuration was set for each separate equipment. When data is not delivered to the system in the specific period of time, for example 90 min., new alert will be activated.
Time period can be customized according to client needs.

ACTIS  is an innovative ERP software dedicated to empowering solar parks owners with full control of their portfolio. ACTIS is a one-stop solution providing Centralized monitoring and Alerting, Asset management, PPA billing, Cost management, Service management and Project management.
Its aim is to achieve the maximum performance of solar assets by optimizing operations, reporting and reducing costs.