ACTIS World’s First Solar ERP May 2018 Update

May 07, 2018

ACTIS World's First Solar ERP May 2018 _ Alectris TACTIS users have a great deal of flexibility to create solar project alerts to suit their monitoring and maintenance objectives.

The alerting functionality in ACTIS is quite robust.

Alert Notifications
There are four types of alerting notifications within the solar software to cover all situations:

  1. Network connectivity
  2. Equipment Events
  3. Basic Alert (simple numeric comparisons)
  4. Enhanced Alerting (more sophisticated algorithms)

ACTIS Alert Configuration Options
The configuration options for alerts within ACTIS allow users to:

  • Choose between Server and Logger alerts. Logger alerts are much faster because they are created on the fly during the data acquisition, and hence minimize notification times. This is especially important for critical alerts that have a huge impact on the plant operation.
  • Configure alerts to run at specific hours of the day (with a specific offset after sunrise and before sun fall)
  • Create a delay for the creation of an alert to reduce spam (for example an alert is created if it persists over a predetermined time frame)
  • Define notification delays so an alert is sent after a certain period of time passes
  • Define Irradiation thresholds so an alert is sent above a certain threshold. This is to avoid sending low performance alerts in low irradiation conditions.
  • Create seasonal alerting. Plants may have different alerting profiles throughout the year and can be adjusted according to the behavior of the plant in different weather/seasons conditions

Energy Storage Developments within ACTIS
Alectris solar O&M team at Energy Storage World Forum 2018Alectris is working to integrate energy storage and solar plus storage functionality into the ACTIS Solar ERP platform.

“Recognizing the global trend of combining storage technology with solar, Alectris is investing in developing internal skills to support the boom of energy storage. We have defined a core team to develop the competencies of the company and lead our evolution to providing services for storage plants worldwide,” explained Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director of Alectris. “We are enhancing ACTIS, our Solar ERP, to support the monitoring, control and operations of solar plus storage and standalone energy storage plants. Shortly, we will be able to offer our clients superior support for their storage needs either with our services or our software.”

As part of this integration process, Anastasios Agathaggelou, O&M Manager of Greece for Alectris, will attend the Energy Storage World Forum 2018, 14-18 May 2018 to be held in Berlin, Germany. For more information about Alectris’ participation in the Energy Storage World Forum.  Didn’t go to the Orange Button Developer’s Conference?  Access the Alectris Presentation.

orange button developer conference image

Alectris has consistently contributed to development of the Orange Button initiative, a public/private partnership funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative with more than 300 participating companies and 500 individuals who have given their time and expertise to build open data interchange standards for the Distributed Energy industry.

In April, Laks Sampath, Alectris Country Manager for the US and LATAM, spoke at the Orange Button Developer’s Conference. Sampath illustrated the pain points in the industry and spoke about adopting the Orange Button Taxonomy. He covered siloed solar performance data, for example, as a widespread industry pain point.  Download the Alectris Orange Button Conference PowerPoint here..

The Alectris ACTIS Solar ERP platform IT team is working on the integration of the Orange Button taxonomy system into its software solution for the industry. Watch this space for more information on Orange Button and ACTIS.

7 Ways ACTIS, World’s First Solar ERP, Stands Apart

  1. ACTIS world's first solar ERP powered by AlectrisMost comprehensive platform for operational solar PV plants worldwide
  2. Oldest software (development started in 2011, official launch 2013)
  3. Built on high end software platform (MS Dynamics)
  4. Most flexible platform
  5. One or two-way integration with third party software (monitoring, accounting etc.)
  6. Developed by a team that is actually using it on a daily basis
  7. Secure hosted in an ISO 27001 certified environment


ACTISTM is the world’s first solar ERP, a fully integrated SaaS cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning platform.  Created by Alectris to manage solar assets, ACTIS empowers total portfolio control, no matter size, complexity or location.  Award winning, ACTIS is a comprehensive solar software solution, seamlessly weaving operations, maintenance and asset management into one system, based on the leading platform, Microsoft. With one login, ACTIS delivers three core capabilities: a world class monitoring system, service management and asset management. ACTIS is now proven in nearly a half of a gigawatt of solar installations throughout the world.  Since its 2013 market launch, Alectris continues to adapt field experience and customer value into ACTIS, Asset Control Telemetry Information System.

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