Alectris at Raising Standards London 2016

December 06, 2016

Overview of SolarPower Europe’s ‘Best Practices Guidelines’” was presented by Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director of Alectris, at the 6 December event in London, Raising Standards in Solar PV Operations & Maintenance. The event was produced by the Solar Trade Association in concert with SolarPower Europe.

As leader for the SolarPower Europe O&M task force, Vassilis was called upon to give an overview of this important standards work. The Solar Trade Association in the UK quoted him, “We finally see a stand alone O&M market being born…an industry in its own right” and “Standardisation is key…all industries that have standardised have seen exponential growth.”

20161203-solarpower-europe-best-practices-guidelines-v1-1612-gl-e-pr-bpracg_page_16Vassilis Papaeconomou Raising Standards London 2016 presentation covered:

  • About SolarPower Europe & Alectris
  • The early days of O&M
  • O&M today
  • Future requirements
  • SolarPower Europe’s Task Force


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