Alectris Joins EPIA Taking Seat on Solar PV O&M Task Force

May 05, 2015

European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) Assembles Leading Firms to Develop Solar PV Operations and Maintenance Best Practices

ATHENS, GREECE – 6 May 2015: Alectris, a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets, today announced it has joined EPIA, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and has taken a seat on the organization’s recently formed Solar PV Operations and Maintenance Task Force.

Acknowledging the emerging importance of operations and maintenance (O&M) to ensure the future performance of solar, EPIA, together with its members, intends to develop best practice guidelines for the European solar sector. The task force, which conducted its kick off meeting 23 April in Brussels, now includes these leading solar companies with European activities: 3E, 7C Solarparken, Adler Solar, Alectris, DuPont, Enel Green Power, Enphase, First Solar, Fortum, Lark Energy, meteocontrol, Primrose solar, Skytron, Solarcentury, tco-solar, Trina Solar and UL.

“Best practices to support solar PV operations and maintenance are critically important to solar performance here in the EU and globally. Initiatives are emerging in the U.S. and other markets to aggregate industry knowledge into standardized recommendations. With our new solar PV O&M group, EPIA is leading efforts to ensure those practices are available to our members,” said EPIA CEO, James Watson. “Alectris joins our organization at a fortuitous time, when their holistic approach to asset care and worldwide portfolio experience will add significantly to our base of knowledge.”

“It is perfect timing for the EPIA to take on the development of solar PV O&M best practices. The interplay of high-level experts from O&M and asset management on this working group will only benefit the overall performance of European solar clean energy assets,” said Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director, Alectris.

“Our team is also involved in the U.S. based National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Solar PV O&M Committee, a joint Sandia National Labs/EPRI working group. We applaud the thought leadership of EPIA and wholeheartedly join this effort to ensure solar PV plants outperform stakeholder expectations.”

About Alectris
Alectris is a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets. Honed in the mature solar market in Europe, the comprehensive suite of Alectris services reduces the risk and delivers maximum financial returns for solar investors and plant owners regardless of site location. Powered by ACTIS, the company’s award winning solar asset management and monitoring platform, Alectris provides a full service approach to solar asset protection, including solar operations and maintenance, asset management, check-up and diagnostic, engineering and improvement services. Performance excellence is the company’s mission, empowering it to re-define O&M and outperform client expectations. For more information visit

About EPIA
EPIA, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association, represents members active along the whole solar PV value chain: from silicon, cells and module production to systems development and PV electricity generation as well as marketing and sales. EPIA’s vision is to ensure that solar energy is the leading contributor to the European electricity market. For more information visit

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