Webinar: Drowning in Solar Data?

January 20, 2015
Drowning in solar data, but starving for knowledge?
Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 2:00PM EST

4 big problems for solar PV big data infographic article imageMarch 24 UPDATE:  Read the Solar Power World Magazine Summary article, 4 big problems for solar PV “big data”

March 17 UPDATE.  Solar professionals from 32 countries have signed up to attend this webinar demonstrating the worldwide need for effective solar data solutions. Join us for this important conversation!

Is your solar PV data providing actionable knowledge to ensure solar profits? How are the different aspects of your portfolio management (e.g. operations, maintenance and asset management) being served by analytics?

This webinar addresses the challenges, solutions and case studies related to solar data generation and intelligence for operations, maintenance and PV management. Data options will grow in size and complexity as it’s generated out of 70.8 gigawatts annually by 2018.*

This interactive webinar format will give attendees an opportunity to learn from peers as we seek to uncover opportunities to turn solar “big data” into an integrated solar operating expense reducing machine.

Webinar attendees will learn:
– Industry challenges including peer input related to Technical, Financial and Administrative data generation, interpretation and report generation.
– OPEX reduction opportunities in O&M reporting including leveraging IT platform developments to yield reliability improvements and spare part stocking level intelligence.
– A case study of Solar ERP (enterprise resource platform) developments that reduced OPEX and increased profits for a European-based solar portfolio.

*Source: GTM Research, SoliChamba

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Featured Presenters
Kelly Pickerel Kelly Pickerel
Associate Editor, Solar Power World

“Kelly Pickerel has been involved with the solar industry for four years and is enjoying her new focus area: solar modules and generation. She also focuses on construction and contractors, and you can hear her on the Contractors Corner podcast series.”

Vassilis Papaeconomou Vassilis Papaeconomou
Managing Director, Alectris

“Vassilis Papaeconomou brings executive solar photovoltaic (PV) development and construction expertise to his role as co-founder and managing director of Alectris. As a German trained engineer, he drives continuous improvement in every aspect of the company including operational, engineering and team performance to re- define operations, maintenance and asset management and outperform client expectations.”

Ken Kostok Ken Kostok
Country Manager, U.S./Latin America, Alectris

“Ken is the Country Manager for the U.S./Latin America territories for Alectris, a global service provider for the integrated care of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy assets. With over twenty years of experience with U.S. utilities, Kostok has managed the development and asset management of over 1500 MW’s of solar and wind clean energy generation in the U.S. and Canada.”

Emanuele Tacchino Emanuele Tacchino
Business Development, Italy, Alectris

“Emanuele leads the Alectris business development activities in Italy and Europe. His solar PV experience dates from 2005 as a project manager developing solar plants. He has a deep experience with solar PV project and plant transactions and with the development, construction and operation of PV plants.”