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Case Study

Solar Tracker Plants Revived

On 6th November at Digital Solar & Storage 2019, SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force and Digitalisation & Solar Task Force launched a joint report, ‘Digitalisation & Solar in Emerging Markets. It focuses on the convergence of digital technology and solar in the context of emerging markets globally.

The report includes Alectris’ case study on Digitalisation & Grid-connected solar in emerging markets (page 28). The study describes how ACTIS – the World’s first Renewable Energy ERP digitalize, operate and manage to expand O&M portfolios in Jordan remotely.

The report covers the importance of digital solar with a special emphasis on new and emerging markets outside of Europe. It proves that digital solar is an essential foundation for the global energy transition in all segments of the economy and society.

The report embraces the presentation of off-gird solar technologies and business models like solar-based microgrids and pay-as-you-go for solar, which play a key role in providing access to energy in regions with unreliable power supply. Also, it includes on-grid technologies and business models, like smart data analytics or digital asset management for utility-scale solar power plants. These are great solution for new and emerging solar markets with stable power grids.

The development of the report was supported by the Alliance of Rural Electrification (ARE), GOGLA and the Energy Web Foundation.

Case Study

Date:   October 2014

Description:  This solar PV portfolio is made up of seven plants, approximately 1 MWp each for a total of 7MWp, composed of biaxial trackers. It is located in Puglia, Italy and was constructed between 2009 and 2010.

The portfolio was experiencing severe underperformance and safety issues. The underperformance was attributed to:

  • Bad system design
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Complete absence of proper monitoring
  • Issues’ Root cause never properly investigated

The plants were producing well below the Base Case Scenarios leading to cash flow issues with overall financial performance of the investment below the budgeted values, up to 25% below base case scenario, leading to an average yearly loss of revenues of 150.000 euro per MW. In addition, huge costs were incurred in order to preserve even the suboptimal operational status of the plants.

The case study outlines how Alectris was able to resurrect these solar plants leading to a dramatic increase of the solar portfolio’s profitability.

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