Coming Boom of Fleet Monitoring

September 23, 2014

Solar installations have increased dramatically in the past five years, both in size and number. Consequently, solar contractors and other industry professionals increasingly need a way to monitor and control these installations around the clock. Some owners, operators and utilities are even requiring it.

On July 16, 2014 Solar Power World Magazine hosted a webinar titled “When Did Solar Monitoring Start To Matter?” featuring Judah Moseson, Director of O&M Services,Infigen; Keith Davis, Director of Solar Services, Affinity Automation and Vassilis Papaeconomou,
Managing Director of Alectris.

The Alectris presentation covered the coming boom of fleet level monitoring, outlining the challenges solar owners and operators face with increasingly complex and diverse solar portfolios and the need for a new approach to monitoring, the solar enterprise resource planning platform or Solar ERP.  Alectris has developed the first Solar ERP, an award winning fleet level solar operations, maintenance and management software platform called ACTIS.

Download the SPW Monitoring Webinar Alectris July 16 2014.

View slides on SlideShare.

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