3 Ways Your Solar O&M Contractor is Like a Race Car

June 04, 2014

A systematic approach to solar operations and maintenance including a free evaluation tool by Alectris.

Solar power installations are extremely reliable. Still, with an average life span of nearly three decades, solar assets must be well maintained to deliver their expected return on investment.

Whether you use an internal team or a service company, that support to maintain your sleek solar power system can be equated to a race car.  This systematic approach to evaluating your solar PV operations and maintenance (O&M) requirements will assist you in meeting your solar assets’ key performance indicators.

Evaluating your solar O&M team as if it were a race car entails looking at software, hardware and human elements.

The Engine
The core capability set, or the “engine,” of your solar O&M contractor is made up of:

  • The DAS (Data Acquisition System)
  • Data Analysis Capabilities
  • Field Personnel
  • Control Room
  • The Engineering Capabilities

The Supporting Systems
The “supporting systems” of your solar O&M contractor include:

  • Quality Assurance & Accountability
  • Process Control
  • Knowledge Generation
  • Tracking of Measurements by Field Personnel

The Driver
The organizational qualities equate to “the Driver” as people execute the job in the final analysis.   Attributes to measure here include:

  • Communication
  • Speed of Communication
  • Technical Competency
  • Creativity in Solving Problems
  • Comprehensiveness of Communication
  • Clear Hierarchy/Points of Contact
  • Human Resource Qualities
  • Motivation
  • Honesty
  • Attitude of Communication

What are the three most important requirements or key performance indicators for a solar PV O&M team?

  1. Fast Problem Resolution
  2. Minimization of Faults
  3. Detailed Reporting and Transparency

Making sure you have a team on board that can deliver on the three most important requirements to maintain your solar profitability is the goal of the Alectris Solar PV O&M Contractor evaluation tool.  It measures all the data points mentioned here and more, totally 85 measurements.

The Solar PV O&M Contractor Evaluation tool delivers:

  • A holistic, unified approach to evaluating O&M considerations and capabilities
  • Plant owner self-determined priority setting
  • Solar PV O&M contractor evaluation scores mapped to owner priorities
  • Typical O&M KPI’s mapped to O&M contractor capabilities
  • Customizable to add more evaluation areas
  • Graphic depiction of contractor scores

Click here for more information about the Alectris solar PV O&M contractor evaluation tool.


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