Evaluating the O&M Contractor

January 29, 2014

In an emerging market like O&M for solar PV, where there is still lack of standardization, there are numerous companies presenting different approaches and concepts. One thing that such companies do share in common though, is that “Optimizing Performance” is a term that is being increasingly used.

Although it is obvious the performance of an O&M Contractor is tightly connected to the asset’s performance optimization, the evaluation of the Contractor’s capability to perform and even excel in the contractual obligations is a more complex process.

By identifying the key tasks a Contractor has to fulfill we can drill down to the individual capabilities needed to execute and even excel in them. Such functions are:

  • Fast problem resolution
  • Minimization of faults
  • Detailed reporting and transparency

The O&M Contractor Evaluation Tool that has been developed by Alectris and presented in this White Paper includes currently 85 different discrete items that are related to the actual basic functions named above and categorized in a meaningful way. The Tool is delivered upon request in an editable format and provides the following options:

  • A holistic, unified approach to evaluating O&M considerations and capabilities
  • Plant owner self-determined priority setting
  • O&M contractor evaluation scores mapped to owner priorities
  • Typical O&M KPI’s mapped to O&M contractor capabilities
  • Customizable to add more evaluation areas
  • Graphic depiction of contractor scores


Download here

Asset Owners and Project Investors can order the FREE tool by contacting the following Alectris staff:

Emanuele Tacchino, Business Development Manager Italy (emanuele.tachhino@alectris.com)
Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America (laks.sampath@alectris.com)
Makis Tzierakis, Business Development, Eastern Europe & Africa (makis.tzierakis@alectris.com)
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