Solar PV Optimization Technology Testing

Turning the promise of optimization into the realization of more profitable solar PV plants is the aim of our technologies initiative.  We have created a strict selection and testing procedure backed by our seasoned solar operations and maintenance team, analytical reporting from the world’s first Solar ERP, ACTIS and implementation recommendations for plant owners.

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CONFLECTOR® Reflection Component for High Performing Solar Plants

Performance increases from 10% up to 15% have been verified with CONFLECTOR®, the technology which increases profitability for solar PV plants by generating higher output in the morning, evening and in the winter and utilizes albedo (ground reflection) to increase energy generation.

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MoreSun® Anti-Reflective Solar Panel Coating Applied in the Field

Increased output up to 5% have been verified for MoreSun®, the world’s first and only solar coating that can be applied in the field to operational solar panels, increasing efficiency by reducing reflection and soiling losses.

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