Optimal Sun brings total focus on the care and optimization of solar photovoltaic (PV) plants in Spain and Spanish speaking markets to owners and operators of commercial and utility scale plants. Its team of operations, maintenance and management experts create value by delivering energy performance optimization. The company is the official partner of Alectris, a leading global solar asset care innovation firm, in Spain.

MASE, Modern Arabia for Solar Energy, was established by the Arabia Group of Companies, to lead clean energy development in Jordan and the MENA+GCC region.  Specializing in turnkey integration, implementation and operation of renewable technology systems, MASE is a leading Jordanian solar developer, installer and O&M provider. Solar development includes utility scale grid connected installations, retail distributed generation and operations and maintenance.  In total the firm has a portfolio of over 75 MWp of installed or underway solar developments and 72 MWp of installed or projected plants under asset care.  The company is the official partner of Alectris in Jordan and the MENA+GCC region.

Founded in 2003 to forward the deployment of natural energy, Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. is a market leader in the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) power in Japan. The company builds all types of solar PV plants in a range of sizes from small scale kW systems to mega scale and industrial solar power plants.  It offers a comprehensive range of services to design, construct and manage solar assets. Headquartered in Nagano, the company has offices throughout Japan. The company is the official partner of Alectris in Japan and Asia.

FEC’s vision is to use innovative optimization tools and processes to uniquely reconstruct the performance of customer photovoltaic systems, secure them in the long term. It is the goal to secure the investment and increase the projected return over the duration of the operation. It is FEC’s strategy to work exclusively with highly competent partners to work out and implement the best possible, customer-oriented and efficient solution.

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