Executive Team

Vassilis Papaeconomou, Managing Director
Vassilis Papaeconomou
Managing Director

For over a decade Vassilis Papaeconomou has accumulated extensive solar experience spanning PV plant development, construction, financing and asset care (operations, maintenance and management).  As an industry leader, his in depth knowledge including of the contractual and technical aspects of PV investments is being deployed in the creation of standards and best practices to move the industry forward globally.

As Managing Director for Alectris, Papaeconomou’s pioneering work includes the development of the award winning proprietary software, ACTIS, the world’s first solar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a cloud based integrated solar monitoring, O&M and asset management tool currently operational on nearly 500 solar plants worldwide. Under his guidance Alectris continues to grow its integrated solar services and software offerings with portfolio gains in mature and emerging markets and marketplace alliances in key solar countries.

Papaeconomou began on the construction side of the industry with Advartia, Ltd., a solar EPC firm he started as a Papaeconomou Company with partner firms in 2006. Based in his home country Greece, Advartia engineered, constructed and managed photovoltaic power plants in Crete, Kavala, Thebes, Katerini, Larisa, Rhodes, Kilkis and the Peloponnese.

In 2012 Papaeconomou started Alectris, creating the infrastructure for a holistic approach to solar PV asset care, including operations, maintenance and asset management.  The company now operates out of Greece, Italy, Cyprus and the United States, with partnership alliances in India, Spain and Japan.

Papaeconomou is the leader of the SolarPower Europe solar O&M task force, which is working on version 2.0 of its Solar O&M Best Practices Guidelines. He is a frequent speaker at solar industry events, often quoted in industry publications and television coverage and authors in depth industry articles.

Papaeconomou is a graduate of the Universität Karlsruhe as a Chemical Engineer.  He speaks three languages including English, Greek and German.


Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Laks Sampath
Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America

Laks Sampath heads U.S. and Latin America activities for Alectris. With over a decade of solar PV experience, he articulates a cultivated and seasoned industry perspective in his leadership for the company.

Sampath’s solar photovoltaic expertise covers a wide range of installation sizes, types and terrains.  These include sites ranging from 2KW to 20MW; residential, commercial and utility scale construction and design through full commissioning responsibilities.  Geographically his expertise encompasses the U.S., Mexico and Italy.

Prior to his post with Alectris, he served as the Director, Operations and Maintenance at NRG Home Solar.  His industry career encompasses work with leading firms in the solar industry including Trina Solar, NeoZyte, Inc. and SPG Solar, Inc.

Sampath is a strong advocate of designing optimally performing PV systems and more importantly ensuring years of production with proper attention to operations and maintenance. He has forwarded this vision as a speaker at industry forums including Solar Power International, Solar Power Generation, PV America, Sandia Lab Reliability conferences, the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium and SunSpec Alliance events.

Sampath serves on O&M working groups for SEIA, the Solar Energy Industries Association and for the SunSpec Alliance.

In addition to being a mechanical engineering graduate of Bangalore University, Sampath holds a MS ME from University of Texas at Arlington and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Santa Clara University in California.

Massimiliano Pili, Country Manager, Italy
Massimiliano Pili
Country Manager, Italy

Massimiliano Pili is the Country Manager, Italy for Alectris, heading up a key region for the company. He brings over 17 years of experience in the energy sector including 10 years in renewable energy and the oversight of over 200 MWp in solar assets to his role. His experience is rooted in Italy, with an in-depth knowledge of European, Latin American and Asian solar PV markets. His perspective is holistic, having participated in all phases of a solar plant lifecycle development, construction and asset operation.

Prior to joining Alectris, Pili was the operations director for Etrion Corporation, a global independent power producer (IPP) of utility-scale solar power plants. There he managed a geographically dispersed solar portfolio of 164 MWp in Italy, Japan and Chile. He implemented a range of operational improvements and cost reductions, led the re-negotiation of O&M and security contracts as well as the negotiation of PPAs and insurance covers. Pili also negotiated EPC and O&M contracts in Japan and set up the operational framework of the team in the country.

Pili was the Chief Project Officer for solar assets at Greentech Energy Systems, a Danish IPP with solar and wind assets, where he managed construction and operation of assets in Italy and Spain totally 44 MWp.

Before Greentech Energy, he was the Asset Manager for a division of SunPower Corporation, a leading U.S. solar energy company. Out of its Italy division, he was responsible for the operations of solar plants throughout southern Europe.

Massimiliano Pili holds a Master of Science in Aeronautic Engineering from Università degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Constantinos Peonides

Constantinos Peonides brings more than 15 years of professional experience in management including sales, marketing, business development, retail, operations, logistics and manufacturing to his role as Director of Alectris.  His responsibilities include business development in emerging solar markets in India, Africa and Asia.

Prior to joining Alectris in 2014, Peonides served as the Business Development Manager of SMC Med Trustees (CY) Ltd. His business background includes roles as the Assistant National Sales Manager for KEO Ltd., a large producer and distributor of beer, wine and spirits in Cyprus, the National Sales Manager for Heineken International and General Manager for Medcon Quarries and Medcon Kythreotis Nemesis Asphalt, construction and development.

Peonides has honed business expertise throughout his career including Strategic Planning, Profit & Loss Management, Operations Management,  Sales & Marketing,  Customer Service,  Forecasting,  Team Development,  Coaching/Mentoring and  Negotiations.

Peonides holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Nottingham UK and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the Cyprus International Institute of Management.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Maria Kokkaliaroglou
Group Treasurer

Maria Kokkaliaroglou brings an integrated view of solar to her role of Group Treasurer for Alectris, having worked on the construction and operations aspects of the sector.

Kokkaliaroglou joined Alectris in 2013, responsible for all details related to the company’s financial transactions in Italy and Greece. Her role also encompasses AGROLOGY, a manufacturer and distributor of plant protection and specialized nutrition products, which is along with Alectris, a part of Papaeconomou Group of Companies.

Prior to joining Alectris, Kokkaliaroglou worked at Advartia Ltd., a company focused on the construction and supervision of solar PV parks, as assistant to the managing director. In addition to the responsibilities of this position, she managed all the financial transactions of the company.

Kokkaliaroglou holds a degree from the Dept. of Economics, Business Economics Sector in the School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Ioulia Balika
Group Controller

Ioulia Balika serves as the Group Controller for Alectris. Since joining the company in 2014 she has quickly moved to successively more responsible roles within the firm.

In her current position, Balika is responsible for the day-to day tasks of the asset management contracts in Greece and contributes to the financial control of the company, mapping and analyzing the data of worldwide activity of Alectris. She has a key role in forming and optimizing the financial and administrative features of the company’s solar ERP software platform, ACTIS and the ACTIS Portal.

Prior to joining Alectris Balika fulfilled the role of accountant with the accounting office of Anastasiadis Isaak. Her educational background combined with her accounting experience, has created a solid knowledge in finance, focused on managerial and financial analysis-versus planning- models.

Balika holds a degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Macedonia at Thessaloniki, including studying one semester at the University of Malaga, Spain, in the Business Administration Department. She speaks four languages:  Greek, English, Italian and Spanish.

Kiyotaka Fujimura, Representative Director, Alectris Japan Ltd.
Kiyotaka Fujimura
Representative Director, Alectris Japan Ltd.

Kiyotaka Fujimura is the Representative Director and a founding partner shareholder of Alectris Japan Ltd., a joint venture between Alectris and Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo. He brings over 20 years of IT experience to his role at the firm.

Appointed to this position in January 2017, Kiyotaka Fujimura is an experienced solar PV operations expert, handling plant development, operations and maintenance and asset management.

Prior to this new role, Kiyotaka Fujimura served as Director of Next Energy since 2009. Utilizing his IT background, he created the Next Energy solar IT platform, and has implemented various IT solutions for this leading Asia based solar development firm.

Haruhiko Umetani, Director, Alectris Japan Ltd.
Haruhiko Umetani
Director, Alectris Japan Ltd.

Haruhiko Umetani serves as the Director of Alectris Japan Ltd., a joint venture of Alectris and Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. He brings over 25 years of finance experienced to the company. Responsible for the firm’s accounting and administration, Haruhiko Umetani was involved in the formation of the joint venture from its inception.

Haruhiko Umetani joined Next Energy in 2015. Prior to joining Next Energy, he was working for Finance Industries over 25 years. His experience includes commercial vessel financing, management, treasury and accounting of subsidiary companies and new business development, including merger & acquisition, private equity investment and forming joint ventures.

Management Team

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Anastasios Agathaggelou
O&M Manager

Anastasios Agathaggelou is the O&M Manager of Greece for Alectris.  As such he is responsible for the monitoring of solar photovoltaic plants in the country and client assets worldwide.  He works in cooperation with the Alectris IT department to support the development of the company’s solar ERP software, ACTIS.

Before joining the Alectris team in 2014, Agathaggelou worked for Hellas Energy Ltd., where he contributed to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of over 10 MWp of small and medium scale PV plants. As head engineer of the company, he gained experience in all stages of photovoltaic project development and operation, from operational administration and licensing procedures to the final permission to operate phase and daily management of the live site.

In addition to his experience in the solar industry, Agathaggelou is also a certified consultant for building energy efficiency.

Agathaggelou graduated from Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and holds a Master degree in Management and Business Administration (M.B.A).

Antonio Bilella, Innovation & Project Manager
Antonio Bilella
Innovation & Project Manager

As Innovation & Project Manager for Alectris, Antonio Bilella manages the technical aspect of the company’s New Technologies division and supports operations and maintenance services for the Italy office. Bilella’s solar industry credentials include nearly a decade of development and operational work involving over 110 MWp in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Bilella has worked with leading solar industry firms. Prior to joining Alectris, he was the Head of Project Management at CTF-Solar GmbH, where he led the project management team for the construction and operation of utility scale PV solar plants primarily in the UK. His previous solar industry roles include the Operations Director/Sr. Project Manager at the Renergy Power Plants Group where he managed the set-up of the firm’s new branch office in Chile; Sr. Project/Operations Manager at ET Solutions, a division of the ET Solar Group, handling solar project development and implementation in Europe and the Middle East and Project Manager at Martifer Solar Srl, where he worked on the development, construction and operation of utility scale projects in Italy.

He has honed business expertise throughout his career focused on structural and geotechnical engineering, solar plant development, construction, operations and maintenance, oversite of risk management and legal activities, property management and financial modelling for project feasibility, project management and contract negotiations.

Bilella is a certified structural engineer whose academic achievements include a University Degree in Construction Engineering from the University of Palermo, a II Level Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan and a Master’s Degree in IQS (Integrated Quality Systems) from Alma Laboris Institute (Italy).


Muruganandan Chenniappan Alectris India
Muruganandan Chenniappan
Regional Manager, India

Muruganandan Chenniappan brings strong Asia-Pacific region solar asset management experience and nearly a decade in the industry to his role as Regional Manager for Alectris India. His business background includes a strong intersection of solar operations and maintenance, asset management, program management, acquisition integration and software services with profit & loss (P&L) responsibilities. In his role at Alectris, Muruganandan leverages his solar and geographic expertise to develop the company’s business and asset operations in emerging PV markets including India and Asia.

Prior to joining Alectris, Chenniappan served as the Regional Manager (Thailand & Malaysia) for TerraForm Global, a pioneering yieldco in the renewable energy sector.  His solar industry experience also includes progressively larger roles for the international firm, SunEdison.  As an Asset Manager, he managed a portfolio of solar plants across India and in other countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. As Program Manager for Operations, Chenniappan worked with energy and business leaders in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa and China.

Prior to SunEdison, he worked in multiple roles with Wipro Technologies, a global leader in software services to Fortune 500 companies. His experience covers all aspects of software development and delivery including design, development, customer management to clients in multiple industries – aviation, industrial automation, healthcare, insurance and music.

Chenniappan has honed business expertise throughout his career focused on coaching/mentoring, customer service, negotiations, operations management, P&L management, team development and strategic planning.

Muruganandan Chenniappan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science Engineering from Amrita School of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Great Lakes Institute of Management.


Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Antonio Diviccaro
O&M Manager

As an O&M Manager for Alectris, Antonio Diviccaro is responsible for solar PV plant monitoring, staff activities related to operations and maintenance, warehouse management and plant incident resolution.

Prior to joining the Alectris team, Diviccaro handled the operations and maintenance of a 50 MWp solar portfolio for the leading solar construction firm, Solea Impianti S.R.L. Before moving to operations and maintenance, he was involved in the design and construction of more than 50 MWp of large scale solar PV systems in Italy.

Antonio holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari and a Master’s degree in Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Dimitris Emiliou
ACTIS Senior Software Engineer

Dimitris Emiliou is an ACTIS Senior Software Engineer at Alectris, responsible for customizing, extending and maintaining the world’s first Solar ERP and its corresponding client portal, providing real-time solar plant monitoring and reporting.

ACTIS is based on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM.  To his role, Emiliou brings a deep background in Microsoft Dynamics and related software. Prior to joining Alectris, he participated in the design and development of many medium and large Dynamics CRM projects for such companies as Bayer, Pharmathen and EPA, with more than 200 users and a wide range of integrations between Dynamics CRM and other systems including SharePoint, Navision and SAP.

Emiliou’s programming background includes serving as a CRM Software Engineer, customizing and extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Data Communication and Incadea. He worked in Sieben as a web developer building web sites, web services and customizing Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Emiliou holds a degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the Computer Engineering and Informatics department of Patras University.

Shogo Kishi, General Manager - Operation, Alectris Japan Ltd.
Shogo Kishi
General Manager – Operation, Alectris Japan Ltd.

Shogo Kishi is the General Manager, Operation for the Asia based solar operations and maintenance (O&M) firm, Alectris Japan, Ltd.  Announced in 2016, Alectris Japan Ltd. is a joint venture of Alectris and Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd. He brings a wide variety of solar experience to this role, including establishing the initial Next Energy O&M services in Japan and throughout their activities in Asia, solar panel inspection services, module recycling and PV stand-alone systems with battery (Off-grid solar systems).

Shogo Kishi joined Next Energy in 2008, after spending several years in Nicaragua as an international volunteer. He is qualified as an Electric Works Specialist and a 3rd Class Electric Works Specialist.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Salvatore Maiorano
Field Operations

Salvatore Maiorano oversees field operations for Alectris in the Italy based office. He is  responsible for in field O&M (Operations and Maintenance) activities for the solar PV plant portfolio under Alectris management.

Maiorano is an expert Industrial Electrician with more than 20 years experience.  His background includes specializations in the installation of complex electrical and security systems, in the civil and industrial sectors, for major Italian customers.

Prior to joining Alectris in 2013, Maiorano developed more than 5 years experience in the solar sector, responsible for PV plant construction and maintenance at Ecoware S.p.A. and Sunteco S.R.L in Italy.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Maurizio Manenti
Product Manager – New Technologies

Maurizio Manenti brings an extensive solar industry background spanning over a decade to his role as Product Manager of New Technologies at Alectris.

Overseeing the company’s research and deployment of technologies to improve existing solar plant performance is his responsbility.  Manenti’s role includes the screening, deployment, testing and documentation of the impact of retrofit technologies on solar sites in Italy, Greece and Japan. The documentation utilizes the company’s solar ERP, ACTIS, to measure solar plant performance.

Prior to joining Alectris, Manenti accumulated vast experience with the design and development of large solar PV projects. Through his roles with various companies including Solarfields S.r.l. and  Kenergia S.r.l., he has worked on 150 MWp of PV projects in Italy and over than 300 MWp in Africa and South America.

Mananeti’s experience also includes 300 million Euros of contract negiotiation for EPC and investment funds.  This financial background assists him in the creation of screening procedures for retrofit solar technologies and their ability to meet investor expectations.

Manenti holds a degree as an Electronic Engineer, with focuses on Optoelectronics and Nanoelectronics. He also has a degree in Physics, a Master’s in Management and Administration and a Ph.D. in Microelectronics and Telecommunications, with a focus on new materials for PV cells, from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Konstantinos Pagonis
Technical Manager

Konstantinos Pagonis serves as technical manager for Alectris, responsible for the technical aspects of solar PV site maintenance in addition to contributing to the development of the company’s ACTIS solar ERP software platform.

Prior to joining the Alectris team, Pagonis was employed by Advartia, a solar EPC company in Greece where he was involved in the construction and design of multi megawatts of solar assets. While at Advartia, Pagonis was promoted to technical manager, overseeing the engineering of more than 30 MWp and operation and maintenance (O&M) supervision of multiple and geographically distributed PV stations in Greece, Italy and the United States.

Pagonis holds a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Demokritos University of Thrace (D.U.Th).

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Michele Palmitessa
O&M Manager

Michele Palmitessa brings nearly a decade of solar experience to his position at Alectris.  As O&M (Operations and Maintenance) Manager, he is responsible for the monitoring of solar photovoltaic systems, coordinating staff operations for maintenance and the resolution of technical problems on site.

Prior to joining Alectris, Palmitessa worked with Solea Impianti S.R.L. in Italy, managing the maintenance and operations of more than 50 MWp of solar PV plants. These assets included ground and rooftop systems throughout southern Italy.  He gained considerable experience in managing maintenance activities through the coordination of specialized staff and intervention in the field.

Palmitessa holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Integrated Electronic Systems for which he presented a dissertation focused on the development of solar cells based on new technologies.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Giannis Theofilou
Site Engineer

Giannis Theofilou brings a decade of solar experience to his role as site engineer for Alectris.  In this position, he is responsible for preventative and corrective maintenance for solar PV plants under the company’s control in Greece. Additionally, he provides technical support for the portfolio of solar assets Alectris has under contract worldwide.

Prior to joining Alectris, Theofilou worked with the solar EPC firm, Advartia, based in Greece.  His career in the solar industry progressed at Advartia from construction and design for several megawatts of PV plants to management.  In 2010 he was promoted to a worksite manager, where his team supervision resulted in multi megawatts of new construction. Advartia has constructed solar sites in Crete, Kavala, Thebes, Katerini, Larisa, Rhodes, Kilkis and the Peloponnese.

Theofilou holds a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Yiannis Toumaras
ACTIS Senior Project Manager

Yiannis Toumaras brings a professional career solely focused on IT to Alectris. As ACTIS Senior Product Manager he is responsible for the development of the company’s solar ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software product, the world’s first integrated operations, maintenance and asset management solar PV platform. His role also includes the management of the corresponding ACTIS customer access portal.

Prior to joining Alectris, Toumaras served as a CVRM product manager at Incadea Greece. He was responsible for the development of the application CVRM which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The application includes sales, complaints management and marketing for automotive dealerships. He participated in project installation in China for Lincoln (Ford). The implementation involved installation of the system in hundreds of client dealerships and integration of the software with customers’ existing systems.

Toumaras’ IT background also encompasses senior consultant in Microsoft Dynamics CRM where he was responsible for the system implementation for large corporations including Bayer, Pharmathen and EPA, a gas company. Toumaras worked at the Lavisoft SA as a programmer for the Ermis ERP and as a consultant for Infosupport on the company’s Singular Enterprise ERP.

Toumaras holds a degree in Political Sciences and Public Administration from the Department of Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Laks Sampath, Country Manager, U.S. & Latin America
Panagiotis Vassilaras
ACTIS Product Manager

Panagiotis Vassilaras currently serves as the ACTIS product manager for Alectris. In this role since 2014, Vassilaras supervises ACTIS Solar ERP implementation globally and is responsible for analysing new ACTIS initiatives within the Alectris IT department.

Vassilaras joined Alectris in 2012 taking on the operation and maintenance of 30 MWp of solar PV plants in Italy. During this time he was also involved with the installation of the ACTIS system at more than 50 MWp solar PV plants in Greece, Italy and the United States.

Prior to Alectris, Vassilaras worked at Advartia Ltd. as an electrical & computer engineer. He was responsible for the engineering, construction and supervision of more than 10 MWp PV plants in Europe. In addition, he managed the operation and maintenance of 20 MWp in Greece.

Vassilaras started his working career at Greek Public Power Corporation where he was responsible for the communication between the automation platform of a hydropower station located in Western Greece and the central control room in Athens. At the same time, he participated in a lightning protection study of a new HV substation near Thessaloniki.

Vassilaras holds a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Polytechnic School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He finished his thesis project on the MV substation’s lightning protection system. He speaks Greek and English fluently.

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